MAME32k.064 for vista (64 bit)

I’ve been attempting to play users i know (i need to use this specific version) and everytime i start up the program it says it stopped working, then i hit cancel and it opens, and then i can audit games but if i start a game and go to a network it closes itself and windows says it has stopped working again

any similiar issues? i searched for a while and found an old thread without any successful help ty for your time

.67 works fine, but i cannot play my friends

Sounds to me like a compatibility issue between MAME and Vista.

my friend is runnign it with vista though( i think its 64 bit)

but yeah the logic seems to point to that.

It’s a compatibility issue. Upgrade and convince your friends to do the same.

As a general rule, if it’s a Vista problem, good chance it’ll get solved by upgrading to Win7 (or going back to XP).