MAME Lan??

I have been wondering lately i there is a mame program that lets play over lan or where u can connect to another computer directly and not through a central server

me and some friends want to play 3S but dont want to drive back and forth

There is a MAME p2p kalliera client. Search for it. You’ll have to replace your old kalliera.

thx a ton steave i found the program u were talking about but now i have a problem whenever i hit the what is my ip button nothing happens is there any other way to figure out the ip address i need so that my friends can connect to me so we can play

go to and it’ll tell you what your ip is. Also make sure to open up the right port in your router if you need to.

fuck mame get on 2df its like your friends are next to you

THX everyone for your help i think ive worked out all the bugs that ive been having with vista mame and kaillera

and deadllyrave i thought about it but i really only want to play with friends on lan and this seems so much easier. I dont have much time to get really good at the game but hopefully i will be able to test my skills out some day.

P.S anyone reading this if u are using vista PUT ON THE XP Compatbilty. I spent the last 3 hours trying to figure out how to get the p2p window to show up cuz it was invis or something and it turns out thats all i had to do.

Like I’ve always been saying…don’t use MAME for anything unless there aren’t any alternatives.
3s is available on GGPO and Final Burn Alpha emulates it better than MAME.