Mame help

Ok i am currently having a little problem with mame 0.64k

Everytime i want to run it, i have to re-unzip it so that mame opens…Any advice on how to correct this problem or any advice at all would be appreciated

edit: all of my emulators require that i do this so they run…

shakes head, struggling to keep from crying with laughter

Let’s see if we can make this as absolutely simplistic as possible.

Download winrar, from Install it. Once installation is completed, right click on the mame .zip archive. Choose ‘Extract All Files’. Click ‘OK’. This will extract it to a newly created folder on the desktop. If you like, you can move the folder to a different location, and create a shortcut for the executable (right click on the executable, and choose ‘create shortcut’, you can move the shortcut to your desktop if you so desire).

Hope that helps and makes it easy.

arg…by “re-unzip”, i mean that i have to overwrite the current mame files on my hard drive, not zip folder, so i can’t directly open mame from my permenant folder.
This applies to all my other emulators