Mame 0.117 wont work

hi im trying to play on mame 0.117 but i cant get it to work.
i did the installment and everything , but i might need to redo everything if needed.
when i log in and put a servers ip ( reps for example )
i just see a empty chatroom with zero players and no games.

also when i go to servers list and right click , it just says copy.
u can click on the pictures to make them bigger

other additional info is that im still on windows 98
so maybe thats the prob. any help is very much appreciated

Try a dif cliente just to start.

Use can use the original stock Kaillera Client.

From what I see in the first picture, you have the stock client and Supraclient opened at the same time. Make sure you’re using the Kaillera client of your choosing within the same process of the emulator.

I’d also suggest trying the p2p client. It works for connecting to the server too (Sure everyone knows that already) but I’ve found it to be the least error rendering of the clients i’ve used thus far.

Been about two months since i’ve seen the retarded “bad memory” error.