Malaysia goes HAM on bloggers

Sedition for posting a pork pic? Talk about overreaction.

edit: photo of them

It’s a crazy world we live in. I’m surprised more people don’t believe photographs steal souls.

Americas pretty fucked up…but in a lot of ways it ain’t so bad.

Sometimes the most innocent of acts leads to revolution.

Malaysia sucks anyway. Out in the open sewage system for starters… #Navy

Good, about time.
I hope there is a crack down on tumbler and twitter too.
Also, I don’t know what instagram is, but I’m sure its for assholes.

Jokes on BEWD. No one is here for the article. Only the avatar.

More like these crazy Muslims are a threat to a country’s stability.

It’s like my Korean friend said, they’re like the Zerg and the Terrans need to deal with them before it’s too late.

Hmm…So who are theProtoss in this scenario?


I laughed hard at this.

Protoss chilling at back, watching us with detectors and dark templar but current Terran is pretty noob and doesn’t have detector tech yet.

Everybody knows it, but nobody brings it up in regular conversation…Like fapping.


As yes, another lets-wag-our-fingers-at-cultures-that-arn’t-like-ours thread.

Islam is the state religion of Malaysia, so it’s kind of a big deal there. Imagine the reaction if an American who has a lot of followers tweeted an image of them burning the US flag.

God, we wouldn’t hear the end of it from the media and politicians. In fact, why HASN’T this happened yet?

amen, rest of you posters are fucking retards though.

the US is just as bad as malaysia, worse even (jap camps, locking up commis, killing niggers, 911, invading innocent countries etc etc etc, the list goes on and on and on).

that being said, why go looking for trouble in said countries. you dont go to the us and challenge their so called democratic way of life, youll be jailed as a terrorist or commi or what ever. you dont go to arabia and drink alcohol in public and have gay sex. these little (ephasis on little genitals) asians knew where they lived and what the possible outcome could be. they shouldnt bitch about it. hey i like smoking weed, does that mean i should bring 10 grams to malaysia or singapore? no, i would get fucking hanged. fuck these little attention drawing morons. they got themselves in that mess.

It sorta happened on my FB wall when Lil Wayne danced on the flag a couple of weeks ago. Not to the extent of jailing him though.

Not really, I just wanted to make me some pig puns :3

who gives a shit what malaysians do in malaysia. shitty country. bewd get to posting links in the martial arts manga thread. i heard there is a yujiro gaiden nukka. lol