Makoto's 100% damage combo vs. Urien

I saw this in RX’s latest combo vid.
Center Screen:-
HCB+K–>Standing HP–>SA II–>QCB+LK/MK in the air (SC-Jump UF)–>QCF+P–>F+LP–>Kara Dash F, D, DF+2P–>Crouching HK
Centre Screen: QCB+P–>SA II–>Kara Dash F, D, DF+P–>Kara Dash F, D, DF+P

As you can see I’m not sure of the buttons, but can some give their thoughts on this one?

it’s not a Combo since it’s a reset.
I’d call it more a 100% setup, since unless the Urien player is used to it, it can get hard to understand which side to block. Bu still, it’s not guaranteed.


I’m not sure what you mean about Kara Dash… but this is the combo as I see it.

Karakusa --> FP xx SA2 sjc. MK. Tsurigi --> FP Hayate --> SP (Reset) --> dash --> EX Fukiagi c.HK
SP. Oroshi xx SA2 xx dash xx 2 Fukiagis (can’t tell which one is Kara’d).

This isn’t a 100% Combo because Urien can block after the SP. resets him in the corner. While it is difficult to block, it is possible.

Mhmm thanks for clearing things up Yuki-Fei.

One thing I’d like to clear up; what do people mean by “xx”? Do they mean “cancel into”? Oh and, what do you mean by “Reset” in this case? I’m no noob, but I just don’t generally learn much terminology.

‘xx’ means cancel into, yes. I started using it myself :stuck_out_tongue:

A reset is where you hit with an attack (in this case strong) that flips your opponant back over and resets the combo counter and the damage of the combo. you know damage scaling? it resets that so that the next attack isnt scaled down.once you reset however, they can escape (most cases. there may be some that are inescapable , someone point them out if there are), but its not easy unless you know whats coming.

Gouki/Akuma’s jab reset xx ddd + 3P is inescapable. There’s probably a reset xx dash xx Raging Demon that’s inescapable, but that’s just a thought.

If you get reset though you can always attempt to parry your way out of what ever they are trying to set you up. Like if they are doing something that you just can’t block you should just try your hand at parrying as much as you can.