Makoto (pink) avatar request

i haven’t asked in a long time. i normally make my own but i wanna rock someone elses… i am retired. lol…

if it’s nice i’ll wear it, if not i will not. i’ll thank you for trying though. :wink:

p.s., it can be funny it can be stupid it can be purdy… just as long as there is a pink makoto involved i’m happy.

i’ll take a stab at this. i’ll try to have something up in a few hours. others are welcome to try too.

.[not so ninja edit].

longer flash sequence:

eh, i tried at least. same concept as your current av. i think it should fit.

is it just me, or does the flash seem kinda slow? the frames are set on no delay.

^ugh, i thought you cancled but I was never done anyway, but this is all I got:

currently stuck on dialog.

I love how Shatta puts Sean in everything.

I love Shatta

:tup: Nice work str[e]ak and Shatta.

:wonder: I also started with a prototype last night but had to quit because I had to go to sleep for work: [list]Burning Makoto:

[/list] It’s not nearly complete. I’d have to recolor every frame of Makoto to pink (:bluu: takes too much time), fix up the animation in the back (I was lazy and just did some random glitter instead of snow), add some snow in front of Makoto to add some depth and add a good looking font. But yeah, just a prototype. Maybe I’ll finish it sometime and offer it to one of my hombres that uses Makoto or offer it in the Free Avatar thread.

BTW, JonnyQuset, next time we’re at an NC or SC tournament we should have a Makoto showdown. I also use Pink Makoto with Tanden-Renki… dood.

That’s dope Dood!


lol, sorry, dude. i kinda was thinking about cancelling, but i figured i might as well try to finish something for once.

i’m sure once you finish yours, JQ will go for it.

thanks, dood. and the burning makoto looks awesome. :tup:

i was actually trying to make something like that for myself (except with kyo and flames), but got lost on where to start. still need to look at some more tutorials.

very. :pray:

Dood thats sick!!

:wonder: Thanks hombres. SHIM!!! I haven’t see you around in forever. How have you been?

Maybe this Kyo sprite would work:

It’s certainly has the “Burning” feel to it… dood!

i’m not a KOF player, so i was going to go for his cvs2 sprites.

but, thanks anyway, dood. i’ll definitely look into it. :tup:

thanks guys!! :wgrin:

i’m gonna save all these.

str3ak! finominal, gotta go with the team affiliated!! awesome.

dood!, mind if i color edit myself? not that hard, just time consuming. still i couldn’t do a better job on an av, how do you do it? good god 120% killer shit. yea i love makoto matches, in the mirror gotta go with the God SA1. i wanted to play your buki too. we’ll get down soon i’m sure of it.

sas! sup long time homie. :tup:

shatta, sean trying to sneak some pink?

I was going for the Makoto possed by Stinkmeanor direction but meh…

glad i could help out. :tup:

i don’t follow, if you ever feel like finishing it i’d like to see it though.

Just fine thanks. But busy at work. Haven’t been that active posting on
SRK since I pretty much stopped playing on XBL, but I’m still a frequent
reader in some of the threads around here :smiley:

Keeping a close eye on all your 120% pink creations ^^


oh some crazy posessed guy, i get it.


Where’d you get the tanden renki sprite? I WANT A TANDEN RENKI AVATAR! cries