Makoto Match ups- THe good, the fair, the bad?

Makoto Match ups- Game Play.

I didn’t notice to much talk about match up w/makoto in the thread to much outside of Ken. Can any lead advice help w/some other match ups?

man, there’s so much stuff you can say. I guess i can answer specific Q’s to the best of my ability…i’m at work all day :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t play to many Yuns or Yangs this weekend there was one Yang there, and I don’t know how long he has been playing him. I didn’t have a lot of trouble w/him. I did play a lot of Shotos I played pretty aggersive w/SAII. I even pulled a come back out of my ass ( lucky Makoto BS as I heard Watson say in a vid once). I mean I literally had no life, and this Ken player was no scrub. Would one say it’s a good idea to rush Ken down or should I play shoto match-ups more passive?


If you can rush down and be successful, then yea go ahead. But it mostly depends on what super your using. IF your using SAII, you should be more aggressive. Against shotos i would just be careful for certain things like being reckless to get uppercutted or getting the dash punish. But besides that, shotos i feel should be rushed down. I think shotos have to turtle to let makoto overextend herself. Most matches, i think if u can’t rush the shoto down, he gain momentum to rush you down with throw mixups, since makoto has no good defensive options.

I agree to that 2hai. That’s pretty much how it felt too so yea good thoughts.

Makoto has they best wakeup option along with the rest of the cast… blocking low watching for throws and overheads

Lol I agree Late tech all throws=nothing to worry about :lol:.

i think blocking + late teching is an excellent option …only EQUAL to having something that can scare your opponent away when you are getting up…like a shoryu.


I?m kind of a fan of EX fukiage. Bad idea to overuse it, but at times it does setup for some good damage and counter opportunities. Many people expect you to block on wakeup, so you pull out a fast unexpected one and follow with or something. Parrying is good for Yun?s dive kick, but the Yun I play with likes to mixup some jump-ins without dive kicks, so I?ve been turning to parrying with some fukiage thrown in to screw it. Dashing under works and also seems a bit safer at times. Pretty useful especially if he?s got you cornered. It also seems to do very good against EX spinning bird, which Chuns like to do on wakeup. Makoto goes right under it and counters with fukiage. That is assuming you can somehow get her on the ground first. Still a crap matchup, but any bit of damage or setup opportunity against Chun will do you some good.

EX Fukiage is not a good option on chun’s wake up imo…cr.jab into super is too easy and too stupid to get hit by, don’t take the chance.

Thats why I said you cant overuse it. If it was something definite there wouldnt be a need for mixing up. The move in general is not safe enough to use any more than sparingly, but it doesnt mean you cant get good use out of it at times.

I think EX fukiage is a horrible wake up option against chun. The only wake-up it’ll punish is some sort of jump in, which chun lacks good options for, and maybe which propels her in the air a little, and only if she times it wrong (i.e. late; early and the EX fukiage would whiff). Not only that, but all of chun’s other wake-up options (particularly close and into super) would beat EX fukiage, which takes a decent time to come out, and can’t punish her walk-out kara throw. It also takes meter and does not do a lot of damage even if it does hit.

Or if you were talking about chun waking up against makoto… well it’s still not a hot option lol, the only thing it’ll punish is EX spinning bird kick, which chuns tend to use sparingly to catch you off guard; if you know it’s coming, it’s better parried (a surprisingly easy, slow three-hit parry), leading to much better punishing options than an EX fukiage.

However, lp fukiage is a good option against badly-timed jump-in crossovers (e.g. ken); launches into the air for a juggle, does excellent stun, and most importantly, limits ken’s mixup options. Bad against yun though, since he flys around more erratically, and you can’t tell if it would land or not.

Good stuff I’ve seen some vids though included Sex-taro hit spinning bird w/ FP fukiage, and old IZU stuff where he traded w/Chun’s wake up lighting legs. I mean if your oppenent does it alot and you feel like you may hit with it then I guress it’s a lil usable. Just make sure when you hit w/it super jump cancel into RH tsurugi. This does insane damage even after you stun an oppenents that can be hit while stunned w/fukiage almost seems like it dosen’t damage scale. I wouldn’t use EX fukiage BTW on waking up Chun either cause yea it ain’t worth it. If you do, do it then just use a normal version and apply what I posted here your opponent will think twice before they try it again.

btw SA I works against wakeup lightning legs too

But why would you do SA1 on her wake-up. Or do you mean on your wakeup. IDK I don’t rely on wake supers unless I’m playing Dudley SA3.

Sorry I meant on her wakeup. A common strat for chuns is, after SA II xx sj -> follow up -> land, to play her wake up game, which one of her options is lightning legs (not quite sure why, possibly just for chip). If you SA I as sson as you wake up, it’ll go through

well the super would go beat almost anything. Though bad if it’s block, wake up super isn’t really a bad idea with makoto, as long as u the sense to your opponent that he should back off like yun/yang and stuff.

Against chun with that mixup, if he/she is going to mash lightning legs, it’s probably better to parry one of the legs and fukiage. I guess SAI would be ok if they would really foolishly go for it disregarding your super.

OK my random question: How does jab fukiage work as a meaty? Saw izu use it against KO at SBO1 matches, and i don’t know its properties to how it works. I’m thinking since yun would jump(corner) the meaty jab fukiage would hit his jump somehow, but since like an awkward angle to me.

He hit w/a meaty FUKIAGE? What time was it in the vid so I can see?

Well don’t remember what time, but its second round Izu vs KO. Izu did fukaige in the corner after a jab AA, dash crossup, standing strong, fierce EX hayate. and then he does fukiage and KO did wakeup roundhouse?!! for some reason, but i thinking its hits vertical jumps