Makoto Combo Video

So, I went and made a Makoto Combo Video:

Makoto - I Did it for Daddy!
(right click, Save As)

Have fun checking it out, and I hope everyone enjoys it! Comments, feedback, and criticism are always welcome.

Most of the combos were done by hand, but a few - such as the last one versus Urien - were done using a programmable controller, similar to the one KYSG uses.

Now up on YouTube:

nice job dude.

but what makes me club baby seals is that normal makoto combos arent even that far off -.-

Haha that was awesome. As a makoto player, I really enjoyed that. Jumping fierce punches for the win!

pretty entertaining

cool video!

Very nicely done video~ lotsa thoughts into the video :slight_smile:

Can anyone put the Hp xx Hataye cancel frame dis//advantage on block, hit and crounch and frame recovery ?? O__oUu.

+2 on block, +4 on standing hit, +6 on crouching hit

Assuming, of course, that you get the hayate cancel as fast as possible.

Damn, that was a nice ass combo video. Definitely one of my favorites now. I especially liked the two combos on Urien.


A good new 3S combo video that isn’t KYSG? WTF?

Nice vid!

I especially loved the Urien one with the Aegis; I was just sitting there thinking “is he going to do what I think he’s going to do?” And then you did, and it was glorious. :wink:

awesome video. i love the use of hayate cancels! definitely my favorite combo vid.

thx for the answer. ;)… interesting… very interesting…

how do you do the other makoto taunt?

Taunt and hold the buttons.

Nice vid. Would watch again. :tup:

That was a pretty nice vid.

Is it possible?

Is it really possible to cancel a normal or a special move to a SA2 on the very corner of your opponent’s side (see 0:44 with Q and 1:49 in the video with Urien)?

I mean, I know you are able to cancel the fierce to SA2 below the timer, but can you do it beyond the timer that’s not on your side?

Is that combo character specific, and do they have to be in stun? Because it seems the combo didn’t even end, since Q and Urien stayed in stun.

Awesome video! Way to show the true power of Makoto!

stun gives you 1 or 2 extra frames or so to combo something if im correct…

and very nice vid =) nice to know there are still people with creativity in 3s

I saw this video yesterday. Pretty impressive, well done! :tup: