Making the TE X0Box 360 Stick Work Will All Consoles

Hey, I’m sorry in advance for any dumb questions i may be asking. I have a TE stick for the X-box, had it now for about a year. I have found though that many tournys do not use the 360, but the ps3. I do have a converter for the stick to let me play on the ps3, but the dropped buttons and slight lag throw off my already bad game. What i would like to do, is make my stick to where i can use it on the ps3, 360, wii, and the pc. I’m sure this is posted somewhere, but i did not see it while i was searching through the threads. Also i would like some input on the best way to do this. Any links to threads devoted to this will help, and any links or knowledge would help. Thanks.

Add a MC Cthulhu and use a RJ-45 input. I’m in a hurry right now, but someone like jdm can help with links.

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All the required reading are within.

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Alright, thanks for the links. But i do have some questions. From what i have read, tell me if im wrong. The X-box cable that is left in the stick will still work for the X-box, but will it also work with the ps3? Also, the ethernet cables to other systems will not work unless you make a button to turn on the MC Cthulhu, or a switch. I believe that one of the forms said that having the on switch for the MC Cthulhu to be the “Start” + “Back” button combo is bad, is there a easier way then installing a new button?

Yes, the same USB Cable works for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Ethernet should be auto-detect when you plug into respective Console.
But for the supported Consoles to work, you must be in PlayStation 3 Mode, not Xbox 360.
Which is why PS3 should be default when Dual Mod to have Xbox 360, unless you want to keep switching to PS3 Mode to use other Consoles.

Yes, the USB cord that is attached will also work with the PS3 once a Cthulhu is installed. As for switching between consoles, you can either have the home/guide button work as the actual switch (with an Imp installed) or you can install a DPDT switch somewhere on the case as well.

Is there going to be a problem when using the Imp having the switch as the home/guide button? Like when in xbawx mode or in ps3? Sorry for the many questions.

I believe you can set either 360 or PS3 to be the default. When you want to use your stick on the other, hit and hold the home/guide button and insert the USB cable.

Thanks for all the help. Parts come in on Friday. Should have some more questions by then.

Use the RS switch as the switch. Who wants to hold down a button when they plug shit in? It’s easier to just switch the LS DP RS thing.

You can also install 2 Neutrik ports: 1 for RJ-45 and 1 for USB. The USB isn’t really necessary though because the stock cable works fine…(I never understood why ppl did that :p)

Ok, the parts were shipped early. I have been looking at the chip that was sent. It is the ChImp and all of the post i have seen on the forms are of the chips separate. Just looking for a little input. From what i can tell, the xbox pcb stays where it is and i use the underside of it to solder to the new pcb. However, im not sure where on the ChImp i am to solder them. Im guessing the xbox solders to the top throw hole pcb part of the ChImp. Any pics or some instruction would be great help. Thanks. And im also not sure where the rj 45 wires are to be sent. Thanks again.

After some hours of soldering. =P I have gotten the chip install, as well as the rj-45 mounted. But i have found out that the ChImp chip is not the muti console version i thought it was. Does anyone know a fix for this? Or am I going to have to order another chip and just have to keep this one?

There is no Multi-Console for ChImp.
There won’t and cannot be.

No fix.
Putting in a Multi-Console PIC Microcontroller will not turn ChImp into Multi-Console ChImp.

Awe, thats sad. It does work for the ps3/pc/bawx, but would like the game cube and others. Looks like the best would be to sell this chip and get the other one. Thanks for all the help.

Alright, I got the parts to get my stick the way i want it. However, while desoldering some of the joints from the old board to attach to the new one. I broke off 2 of the pads on the 360 chip. Now all is said and done, the stick works fine for the pc, but for the 360, those 2 buttons dont work(Start, A), and i cant reattach said points. Does anyone know of a way i can solder a wire to where those points need to go? Thanks for all the help that has been given.

Alright. All is well, but i need help with finding the points on a gamecube plug. Some odd reason some of the wires give me the same reading for multiple plugs. If anyone can shed some light that would be great.