Making my 360TE a 360 and PSX stick

I have been reading all of the many threads about dual modding an what not, and at this point I am fairly confused. I have never modded a stick before so please help me understand exactly what I need.

I currently have: a 360TE Stick, a PSX Analog Pad, and a PSX DS Pad.
What I want: 360TE Stick with 360 out and PSX out (so I can use adapters to go to anything)

I read all the tutorials about the MC Cthulhu and it seems that you have to use a PS3 Stick and then you go out to everything else. I need 360 and then out. Is there another solderless option available for me to accomplish my goal?

I also read about dual modding, which currently seems like the way to go. I keep seeing conflicting info here though. Should I use the Analog or the DS pad if I go this route? Each tutorial has a different answer so I don’t know which to go with. Does anyone have any easy to follow guides for this that a beginner can follow. (preferably video or lots of pics) I know a read an easy to follow guide on here a couple of years ago, but I can’t find it anymore.

I would really appreciate the community’s help pointing me in the right direction, and I apologize ahead of time if I have misunderstood something or am overlooking something else in the tutorials already provided. Thank you.

TEKitty. or MC Cthulhu.


Cthulhu: Natively a PS3 and PC pcb, Made to do dual mods with 360 pads. Combined with the Imp and a dpdt switch, it will switch between ps3 and 360 on a single usb cable.

Chimp: Everything above in one pcb

MC Cthulhu: Everything above minus on-board imp, plus it is compatible with nearly everything this side of 1985 -genesis. Many people use a rj45 jack as a means to wire up multiple system cords that plug into it.

TEKitty super easy,** specifically made for your 360te.** Uses your existing pcb does a piggybacking thing (kinda literally, but not as literally as a TEasy strike or whatever) Your easiest option. Lets you retain ls/dp/rs switch functionality on all the systems it supports! You could do the psx to converters thing … but it has a built in rj45 jack that you can wire a bunch of different system cords up for. Don’t need the converters! kind of like the mc cthulhu but, if you own a 360te (or a vlx), 1,000,000 times better. Oh also, it does the Imp switching AND your turbo/home buttons work too… oh yeah, all buttons are remappable too… ummm, i may be leaving something out… edit I forgot that the freakin led’s even light up on button presses/stick direction! It’s almost kinda ridiculous what that thing does.

actually, after re-reading your post, it seems like you missed tons in any mc cthulhu related tutorials you may have read.

You can do both mods solderless.

MC Cthulhu:
Buttons: get male(paradise) and female(any arcade/fightstick supplier) .110 disconnects. use these to tap the mc cthulhu buttons leads into the mad catz buttons or terminal strip.

Stick: options here…
1)cut your factory harness and splice there.
2)buy two jlf/seimitsu harnesses (single ended) and connect one from the mad catz pcb to the mccthulhu and the second from the mc cthulhu to the stick. This makes the whole deal reversible except for…

TEKitty: take some stuff off take a thing out place new thing inside put back other things, connect new connectors (all of which are included) then…

Both: You will have to cut the factory usb and strip the wires and make the appropriate connections OR…

you could connect the usb to extension and cut it… but then you need to find room to stash that usb inside the stick or make another lil hole/enlarge existing hole in the storage compartment to the interior to run your extension in through…OR

Get a screw terminal female usb port, plug your out-cable into it, and use that to either tap for your Vcc or connect to the kitty. I have seen them before on mouser, digikey or newark, can’t remember which… I think they may have been pricey…

Lizard Lick Amusements has all that stuff except for the male .110 qd’s, that screw female usb (that I think exists) and the tekitty so far and it’s relatively close to you.

oh, I got .110 piggyback (female with male tab out) disconnects from Newark. I wouldn’t be suprised if digikey and mouser also have em.

I lied, you would have to solder a cat 5 cable to the board… but that’s pretty close, damn it. and from then on, it’s just stripping and crimping rj45 connectors. even the jacks are punchdown… or passthrough… which people mount in button bases… effectively making your mod 100% reversible…

Or solder a Psx cord to one of the three outputs on the mc cthulhu…

and anyway… if you’re planning a dual mod, how are you getting the signals from the psx/ps2 pcb? I would say you should definitely go with the tekitty… in order to get that functionality, you would need to do so much more soldering than even the cat 5
cable… just the analog functionality alone is worth it. that’s a whole heap of soldering/desoldering to get from a psx/ps2 pcb…

I just bought a 360te and I don’t even own a xbox 360! I wasn’t about to hold my breath for a ps3 replacement board… but I can’t get the tekitty yet cause i just bought a $120 stick for a system I don’t own… need to space out my frivolous purchases.

Read more… threads are long.