MAking a small tourney big- advice?

Any tips? I’ve been talking about it locally. Unfortunately the dudes on the nc thread are rdu/charlotte/greensboro and wont come here unless the equipment is perfect and even then they can go right up the street >:|. Also apparently they think I’m a little shit and got in a tizzy about me beating one of their apparently fave dudes in sf4- they thought it was an ft10 and it was casuals to me. We have a whole 8 who show on a good day for these, most people here don’t play fighters or don’t play games apparently. There are some small tournaments that draw big names. Any tips on growing this one here in Wilmington NC?

I can move this to the general fg or tournament section if it’s inappropriate to have it here. Also how do you delete your old threads on the new layout?

free pizza & soda for everyone that enters the tourny.

Umm I live in raleigh and we never hear about Wilmington hosting mvc tournaments nor ssf4

I know myself,some of my buddies would go if we don’t have work or anything up. Advise a bit better and shoot the msg to people in the NC area. Need a number to call then call my cell and I will spread the word here in raleigh…if u have a flyer or pic for the event shoot it my way and I will post it up in a few gamestops in raleigh. Cell number is 252-314-1059
Name is Jake

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hustleman may have been trolling but i know that works in my area lol.

mikado we’d love to have ya. currently i got scolded by bloo for trying to run one because roski is apparently doing something to set one up- that and i piss people off because i beat q a few times- although i have seen him doing like… nothing at all.
ill restart my thing if he doesnt get his going.

Nope not trolling at all, Ive seen this work lots of times.

Hell I know I’d come to a tournament if there was free pizza and soda available, I never pass on free food.

Was this topic really necessary man?

We’ve already gone over the NC scene in the Regional Forums. Unless you’re talking about getting more people out IN Wilmington, in which case passing out flyers and offering free pizza and soda are actually very good ideas.

Especially if your black. God knows that no one in my family wouldn’t go anywhere if no food is involved.

Shiki…the looks of the thread is how to get more people out to the event in NC area for there events. Hes looking for ideas to do this. Here in raleigh we have two tournaments a simple casual tournament and a entry fee for the big event. Our casual crowd usually enters in the paid one so give that a try. Offer free.stuff even if its drinks or something small

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yessss… that is the point of putting up flyers IN WILMINGTON. I don’t expect them to make gb/rdu dudes sf senses tingle and make them magically appear at a tournament because i put up flyers.
Also apparently the nc “scene” is “we’re greensboro and we don’t want to go away from greensboro” or "we’re charlotte and we don’t want to go away from charlotte and “crt’s are god tier and we wont play on anything else”. I am willing to set up a bunch of crt’s but I am literally apathetic about screen lag complaints when someone loses or drops a combo. I am also pretty unfamiliar with the concept since everything I do in whatever game translates exactly the same on screen, even on an lcd. I mean I don’t vene get how that is supposed to work other than the xbox cables wouldn’t be plugged right causing a loss of video data packets.

the topic is necessary because the current tournaments are usually the same eight people and we are lucky to get THEM to show up. If you so happen to start believing that people you aren’t familiar with can set something up then by all means come here and bring it. And I doubt a human from anywhere would pass up free good-tasting food. there are also other people besides you that are easier to convince to attend an event. Why should I have to prove something (your words) to you for you to attend something that is a video game tournament? Honestly dude, all you have to do is plan and show up and we do all the actual work.