Making a fighting game? draw sprites for you for free

Here are some sprites/art from games I’ll be making (buck cluckner being the first). I can draw whatever genre you like. Dark gritty graphic novel style. Manga style. 50’s Cartoon style. Modern(superhero) comic style. Anything.

I’ll draw sprites for free if you download them from a links to a site of my choosing. Thats all I ask.

Disclaimer:I do not draw art based on games like SSBM/SSBB/power stone/naruto. Let that be known.

I can draw up to 100 sprites a day.(not counting recycled/motion blur etc) 1,000 sprites in 10 days.

Here is one of the pictures of a character I made named Harry Dogmen.

Here is another pic of the two main characters from a Final Fantasy VI-2 sequel I want to produce(not profit off of though).

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