Makeruna Makendo2 is currently the ultimate fighting game ever created!

It is so ultimate! How did I overlook this all these years until discovering it on June 5, 2017?!!?!??!?!?

Thanks to the ones that developed and published it, brought it to PS1 and the ones that brought it to english PS3 PSN Store!!!/en-us/games/makeruna-makendo2-(ps3-only)/cid=JP0747-NPUF30036_00-0000000000000001

It is a masterpiece of masterpieces!! It has a great balance of fighting depth with epic fun!!
It has the golden age of classic 2D fighting, with its own super ultimate epic unique flavor and atmosphere to it!!

Oh wow imagine if they made a 3D version of it!! .

I started watching the anime of it, and it’s so hilarously amazing!! xD Such genius epic qualities!! and the humor is unrivaled!!
It’s gonna be tough for the industry to match its coolness!! Well, there actually is a SNES/Famicom game that may surpass it, or I think
it’s exclusively on PS1, what was it called? I think Atelier Double developed it.

Well anyways, maybe some that were aware of Makruna Makendo2 could find this fighting topic nostalgic, and newcomers can find it enlightening. ^^;

Is this on the jap psn store? I can’t read japanese although I’m sure it’s on there, might have to get some more yen in my account :slight_smile:

Can you actually tell us what makes this game great besides fanboying?

Ive been aware of this series since i think some people from Fill-in-cafe worked on it befor they did Asuka 120%

Huh. Game looks interesting.

It’s on PS3 north america PSN Store. it’s in Japanese but dollars can be used to buy it. and they seem to attached the 2 to makendo, no space inbetween.

it would take a novel to explain. the gameplay speaks for itself. well of course the true ultimate fighting game ever created is Fighting Vipers (or maybe the Bushido Blade games, followed by Samurai Shodown 1-V and Sen), but it’s really opinion based pretty much. Though Makeruna Makendo2 really has one of a kind 2D fighting flavor (I recently defeated the final boss). it’s kind of like how Breakers Revenge is stands above the mainstream competition despite being somewhat of a SF clone, it’s ingredients and style place it higher than its inspiration. though yea, it’s really a rare valuable fighting game that ps3 owners can have priviledge to own.

Looks better than MvC:I though.

and this is what I get for taking you seriously. I’ll investigate it my self and see if it worth its praise.

For shame keo, you should know by now that expecting anything useful coming from an affinity’s post is like expecting to find gold at the end of the rainbow.

wtf. I’m serious! Of course its opinion based that it’s awesome, but the ones that agree, it’s practically fact from our perspective and preferences of gameplay style.

So you don’t actually know then.


so affinity has moved from shit posting in gd to shit posting in fgd?

Sucks to be you guys.

It’s okay guys. Makeruna Makendo was dethroned 6 days ago. Isn’t that right Affinity?


they are two different masterpieces!! DOA5LR isn’t a Makeruna Makendo2, and vice versa.

there can be more than one ultimate fighting game.

and 2D/3D standpoint, Makeruna Makendo2 is ultimate 2D fighting game, and DOA5LR is ultimate 3D fighting game. so there!


So we’re going to play this stupid game? Okay then.

2 months ago, Affinity states that Hokuto No Ken by ASW(who is developing DBFZ) is the greatest 2D fighting game with the best 2D combat system ever.
Then we have this joke right here.

This is the so called greatest Bomberman game because it was about a Bombergirl(sexism)

And let’s not forget EA Sports UFC2. As stated by affinity

Oh no, I’m not done yet since I work overnight shifts.

This here as stated by Affinity is the ULTIMATE OF THE ULTIMATE.

TL:DR Affinity is full of shit. Her own threads contradict her all the time. She makes endless false claims, can’t hold an argument/defend her position, and is in denial.

Look, I don;t give a shit if you like whatever game. That’s fine. But going around claiming whatever you like is the best of the best is horseshit. In case you didn’t realize yet, you are on a male dominated web site. And that means you don’t claim to be the best unless you can back it up.

And let’s cut the bullshit right here. This may be your “current” ultimate game but give it a month or two and there will be a new “ultimate” whatever.

hey, who said a fighting videogame stays ultimate always? ultimate can be surpassed. otherwise, you would only need Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior. :stuck_out_tongue:

@“Hatred Edge”

Assfinity isn’t just doing that BS on SRK…

Look at the sheer amount of shill topics for that ‘game.’

(if you haven’t figured it out, **xenosaga123 **= Buttfinity.)

And of course lots of shilling for PlayerUnkown’s Battleground:

Among others…

How mant months do you think it will take for affinity to start shilling for DBFZ?
Or are good games out of the table when it comes to her shilling?

So Affinity is certified fucking insane.