Make Adam Warlock an Av for FREE PREMIUM

Fresh off the coattails of Mr. Blank’s thread. If It worked for him, I’ll give it a shot.

The top three avs will get free premium. Probably 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month, but no less than those amounts.

I’ll keep all the avs and rotate them out so unless you come with some garbage it won’t go to waste.


  1. The only real requirement is the avatar must feature some form of ARPE. It’s a trademark I’ve let fall by the way side for too long.

  2. Massive bonus points for using Kujo Jotaro. Almost a necessity. if your av doesn’t feature him, it will have to be really hot shit.

  3. Bonus points for animation. I prefer animated over still, but a well-made still av beats a crappy animated one any day of the week.

You have until Wednesday Spetember 26th, and if I have trouble deciding I’ll open a poll. GOGOGOGOGO!

EDIT: Here’s an example of a previous ARPE av since some people are unfamiliar.

Attempt #1:


Hell fucking yeah.

Ok so i got an idea for a badass AV for AW.

You take the bonus round Car from SFII or SFIII
then you have jotaro do his flurry punch attack on the car and when the car breaks down ARPE is spelled in smoke…

Nice idea!
You planning to make this yourself or was this an idea thrown out, for av makers to make?
If it was, I’d be happy to give this a go.

He’s suggesting it for anyone who can make it.

EDIT: Another example

Meh. I already made an avatar with the SF2 bonus stage. It wouldn’t be hard to reuse thpse assets to make what MrBlank suggests, but I’m just not feeling it.


P.S.: The aforementioned avatar:

See Adam Epstein

still my favorite one.

Since it’s international talk like a pirate day.


:rofl: Just so you know, I’m stealing that for the rest of the day. :rofl:



Quiche you are killing this shit right now, jeebus. That jotaro av is too fuckin sexy.

Edit: I’m too easily pleased. I’m such a whore.

  • $2 :wink:

That was totally taken out of context. I’LL SUE YOU, YOU BASTARD! :mad:

fuk yo court, negg-ugh! fuk! yo! court!


While you’re making UNR gear, you really need a shirt that says “powerful niggardry.” I’d rock that and a negro install.

Quiche, take my av and put PRRRIME MATEY! on it or something please.

Yes, I am temporarily hijacking. What AW, you wanna fight about it?

Actually, I do. Some poor kid is going to get haymakered on their way home from the girl’s club all because I can’t get to you now. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!

i lol’d @ UNR Gear.

i’m actually surprised that you’d rock a NI, man. yaw keep making me hate myself beacuse i’m too broke to become a t-shirt salesman.:sad:

but if i did get a chance to put that shyt out there, offically, you’d get a shirt for free. cant deny a high-yellow negro a NI shirt, lol. that’s like symbolism and irony mixed up all togehter in a catfish dinner that you bought from a church…



Hijack my thread will you, DDC.