Maj's Evo 2009 Combo Video

does anyone know if there is a download link for Maj’s EVO 2009 combo video that was shown last night during the finals? was good stuff.

I’d guess it’s probably going to be uploaded to when Maj returns from Vegas. I’d also guess front page SRK and Youtube vids and IGN Stream.

Give me a day or two yeah? Trying to sort a couple things out but i’ll have it for you asap.

Don’t bother watching that terrible streamed version. The real video runs at 59.94 frames per second, not 5. Also it has a top right corner.


oh by the way maj, this is Lou - i run the NGPC blog and i think we traded some snk vs capcom cards a ways back… the Guile Foil, right? :bgrin:

any luck finishing your set? those SNK rares and foils are still out of grasp!

yo maj, i wanna volunteer myself for future projects.
you know when it comes to combos i dont play.

Hey man, what’s going on? After i got those i pretty much gave up actually. It took so long to find that Guile foil (and it was total blind luck finding your website too) that i figured it’d be better to call it a day. I’ve got pretty much all my favorite SF2 characters so i’m happy. Good luck finding the rest though. It’s always better to see someone like you get them because at least you make an effort to share what you find with the community.

Awesome. Actually i’ve got a couple video ideas in mind that i was hoping to find collaborators for, so i’ll send you a PM or something as soon as things calm down a little bit.

i wanna talk to you about something anyway.

Here we go. Filesize is a little big but it’s running at 640x480 59.94fps so i couldn’t do much about that, even with the fancy x264 codec.

SF? Ryu Exhibition (Evo2k9+OHN8 Edition)

Fair warning: Bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem but there’s a limit on simultaneous connections so if you can’t reach the website, try a little later.

hey maj, i have a mac and cannot download mkv files.
when i try, i see a white screen with black matrix like lettering…odd.
and i came up with something sweet with hayato…doesnt do damage though.
just pretty looking

Aw really? That sucks. Dealing with codecs is always a headache. Part of the reason i used x264 is because everyone told me it was one of the more crossplatform compatible codecs. But trying to choose a video format always makes me feel a little lost.

Anyway i’m sure someone is uploading the file to u2b as we speak. Go go gadget internet.

cant wait.
i think avi works for every platform.

That video was sick, got to see it at EVO. Great job on it, Maj.

The video works fine for me. Its playing on DIVX player instead of Windows Media Player.

can someone upload it to youtube or email me a copy?

great vid maj! the attention to detail is insane!

This is simply the best combo video.

Posted mirror here, hope you don’t mind.

my combo video was good too:sad::sad:
even maj said so:sad:

i love how the combo counter from svc to xvsf kept going. I hope I find more nuggets of detail like that after i rewatch the vid about a hundred times.

Control-Click (2 finger click on laptop touch pad), -> download file