[MAJOR]MTLSF MASSACRE [Oct 30th 2010 @ Montreal,Qc] UPDATE: Canada Cup flight prize!

At long last, the Battle of the Crews has arrived! Form a unit, pose as a team, and prepare for war. Welcome to the [media=youtube]9FF6T7kp68s"[/media].

Main Event:
? SSF4, 3-man team tournament
? SSF4, 7-on-7 regional battles
? SSF4, High-Rollers tourney!


As Crankypunk mentioned, there is now a bonus event running immediately after SSF4 3 on 3 concludes:

The MASSACRE High-Rollers Tourney

[]SSF4 Singles tournament
]$50 entry fee
[*]16 player bracket cap

Tourney Pot: $10 will go to the venue, $40 to the pot.


[]70% / 30% split for 1st and 2nd place
]Grand finalist will also receive a paid 2 way flight to Calgary for the Canada Cup, and a chance to officially represent East Coast Canada! Flight tickets courtesy of the Canada Cup and MTLSF.com.

Side Events:

? 3S cabinet, 3-man team tournament
? ST cabinet, singles tournament (changed to singles by popular request)

Money Matches:

? See MM schedule in 2nd post

Woolie (ThirtyHitCheapz)
Pierre (Crankypunk)

3-on-3 battles in Pokemon-style format, winner stays seated.
Pot distribution will be 70/20/10.
Consoles are X360, however PS2 pad converters are available if you BYOC.

SSF4 Tourney fees: $10 per person/ $30 per crew
Cabinet Tourney fees: $5 per person/ $15 per crew
Venue fee for non-members is $10. For members, it?s free.

MTLSF Headquarters
5445 De Gaspe, Suite 803
Montreal, QC

2pm: Open registration for all tourneys
4:30pm: Registration for SSF4 closes
5pm: Super Street Fighter 4 Teams
6:30pm: Registration for 3rd Strike and Super Turbo closes
7pm: Side Tourneys
10pm: 7-on-7 regional battle, live!

No Turbo buttons. Any breaks in gameplay, deliberate or not, will award a decision to player NOT responsible for the break, to either restart the round or accept the round win. Disturbances must be reported the moment they occur. If both players resume play consensually, there will be no reverse judgment on the results. Judges reserve the right to make a final call on any issues.

Will be awarded to those that earn the title of ?One Man Army? (Most OCVs) and ?Comeback King? (Most OCCs)!

No man stands alone.

>Reserved for promotion and MM scheduling.

PRE REGISTRATON IS NOW OPEN. Please do so if you plan on attending.


Please confirm attendance on Facebook! Hype it up!

Official site

MTLSF on USTREAM: Live Street Fighter Action from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Official Poster


High Stakes Tourney Entrants:

  1. Heero
  2. Jimmy Bones
  3. FreddyL0c0
  4. Chi-Rithy
  5. Snafoo
  6. Trini
  7. GSXtacy (KillaCammy)
  8. Davero
  9. Rameo
  10. JS Master
  11. MAG

Money Match Fight Card:

7v7 Regional - MTLSF vs. GTASF (Amount TBD)
Bad Beatz vs Ultra Pals Runback ( FT2 20$ a head)
**Bad Beatz vs Secret Sauga ** (FT3 20$ a head)
**Bad Beatz vs New Blood ** (20$ a head)
HvE vs Trini FT5 20$
HvE vs Snafoo FT5 20$
HvE vs Rameo FT5 20$
HvE vs Chaos2D FT5 20$
HvE vs Buddahforce (Amount TBD)
HvE vs Karamba (Amount TBD)
Team KhmerSF open challenge
Snafoo vs KillaCam (Amount TBD)

Free Agents:

  • Air0087
  • Harmoni
  • Willix
  • Master Mao
  • The Iron Sheik
  • Unessential (ST)
  • Elliot Spook (3S)

If you are a free agent looking for a team, post here and I’ll add you to this Free Agent list.

GET HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEE Arcade Cabinet Tourneys WHAAAAAAAAAAT back to the past baby !!

oh ya one more thing Chi-Rithy vs JS Master Canada Best Chun Li 3rd Strike RUN THAT SHIT BACK LIVE !

I’ll show up to this, need to visit go ol MTL’s night life

Date changed to avoid conflict with Socal Regionals.

Il’l probably drive in on the Friday night for this.

Yo, you should make costumes mandatory on account of halloween being the next day!

Ill be there for this 1… And im looking at the ocv bonus…done deal

I may be down for this.


Yo, is “JS Master” a typo of “AznRetro”? Last I checked JS keeps losing against him. $20 on Chi-Rithy if I manage to make it out.

I imagine we’ll be able to round up some of the Ottawa troops for this :slight_smile:

JS MUST dress up as Ichimaru Gin from Bleach.

is the arcade cabinet happ parts or sanwa/seimitsu parts? to the 3s community: all of the ottawa 3s community will be going to this.

For all the people who were hesitating between driving to Los Angeles or to Montreal that day. :rofl:

You know I’ll be there for ST, that I’ll complain endlessly about the cabinet controls and old-ST nonsense, and that whichever team I’m on will win anyway. :tup:

The ST cabinet is Happ, The MVC2 Cabinet is Happ, The 3rd strike Supergun setup / Half Cabinet (sit down) will be Sanwa its in the works right now IF we run into problem and cab is not ready we will find a solution to have sticks plugged to the supergun so we can play Acrade version :slight_smile: but yeah everything should be up and runing for that 3rd Strike cabinet …

meaning u guys have ps2 ports for the supergun? so i can plug in my ps2 stick. This tourney sounds too godlike.

Well thats the idea IFFFFFFFFFF by any fuckin bad luck the cab is not ready ill have something along that since most poeple have PS2 sticks and that we have 1 or 2 MAS sticks we can use … ill keep everyone updated in this thread

HQ here i come

Awwwe shit

yeah, i’m there. assuming i can get a crew together to join me =/


I’m sure whoever is taking care of the 3S cab will be done way in advance.