Major Aquaman Vs Doomsday Glitch *MUST READ*

Hello fellow injustice players,


Tom Brady has discovered a HUGE glitch in this matchup that makes a 10-0 in Aquamans favor, if DD does Earthshaker(overhead,low) which is safe against everyone else in the game. All Aquaman has to do is hold down and press trait on reaction to it. He takes the first hit which is an overhead for 2% and blocks the low, but the glitch is that on hit Earthshaker’s frame data changes and there is less frame advantage on the 2nd hit which is a knockdown. THIS makes it completely unsafe because aquaman can block just the 2nd hit and do a full 45% combo punish. INSTANT 10-0, because now I can no longer use the move which is 50% of my gameplan against everyone in the game hence, I lose for free.


NRS please make both hits knockdown, the 1st hit needs to be a knockdown and have enough frame advantage to compensate for entire move to complete and still be + on knockdown and the 2nd hit doesn’t need to be changed. Also make both hits do the same dmg because both hits knockdown DD will not be able to combo it so if only the 1st hit connects it would only do 2% undercurrent conditions instead of the normal 12% if both connect or the 10% if just the 2nd hit connects. This won’t change the character, the fight against any other character, and/or break the Aqua-DD matchup which DD already loses, it would only fix this particular glitch that makes this matchup the games only legitimate 10-0.


Please someone repost this in the TYM DD and Aquaman threads so as many people as possible know about it so it can get fixed before the big and final patch for injustice comes and it never gets fixed. If it doesn’t get out in time I can never play Doomsday in tournament and because of that, Injustice in tournament ever again. :^[

Thank You


PTH Keyser Soze

It’s not 10-0, adn most Doomsday players think it just amkes the match up maybe a 5-5