Maintaining charge: online vs. offline?

Hey, quick question:

Is it just me, or does it feel different maintaining charge online vs. offline for booms, flashkicks, etc?

In my sessions, I usually start in training mode to practice throwing out booms and flashkicks consistently, but then when I go online, those booms turn into standing jabs and backfists. Every time I jab or backfist instead of boom, or neutral jump roundhouse instead of flashkick online, I just want to put the controller down and walk away. Either that, or just drop Guile and go back to T.Hawk. I’m really wondering if lag is a factor.

And yes, if you ever ran into me on windows live, I’m the 300-400 PP guy throwing out random jabs at full screen with Guile. This is why.

I haven’t played sf4 online in years. but if i recall, the mechanism to deal with lag in SF4 is to slow/delay the game/inputs so that the two players stay in sync…

these could be reducing your charge time so that your booms aren’t coming out…

It does seem different to me. One other thing I noticed is you can obviously only have 1 projectile on the screen at once so with lag sometimes I throw my next projectile before the first one disappears due to lag, resulting in a normal attack.

Hope this helps