Maine FGC: We're "wicked" good

Well, I felt that we were over due for a new thread. Wrekkineyez created our beloved Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen! thread a long time ago. Since I feel the title is throwing people off and being Mainers, we need a thread that represents our community as a whole. Just recently we are discovering life in other areas of our lonely state and its great news. Let this be our new discussion area where we can get all new players that are hiding in the shadows, to come out and share their experiences with one another and hopefully create some new friendships in the process.



Recently uploaded some videos to my youttube page. Gotta get that thing back up and running, getting a lot of emails wondering where my new videos are. You guys can find a few of them here.

[media=youtube]uJzNeOC24ps[/media] [media=youtube]zD4uSom0qn0[/media]
[media=youtube]bR8iZXPZc18[/media] [media=youtube]Rdioyu-s42I[/media]

Those are some damn good matches. BTW, what was up with the editing on the Akuma mirror match?

Somehow the clip overlapped the intro,…odd but I have it corrected for future recordings. I need someone to come over and run some MVC3 sets with me. Id love to record that shit. I’m going to be posting about a fight night i’m hosting fairly soon here. Keep tuned.

I hear dreadl0000rd’s weakness is Sim, EXPOSED. :slight_smile:

dreadl0000rd has no weakness’s…I hear hes the man and hes gonna win this Bangor tourney = )

ohhhhhh shiiiiiiit, I dunno about that sir.

Imma get in that ass…all up in that ass. Chuckles…you going to it?

yeah, I’ll be back up there the weekend before that. I’m back in Falmouth right now

Oh snap man, you should come to my crib and play some serious sets with me. I live in Biddeford.

I should be able to get up there tonight. My car was towed last night, so I’ll walk if I have to!!

I also heard Rose opens him right up.

Oh what the fuck, why was your car towed…Ill come get you if I gotta. I don’t mind. It will be around 7:30 - 8:00. Ill bring you home too, no big deal.

We gotta play more SFEX2, lol. DARUN MISTER!!!

Rose gets bodied,…hard.

ahh, I’m going to sugarloaf for the weekend so I can’t tonight. How does next week look for you? and yeah, Rose is ass.

HAH! Welcome over when ever you want man. We had that MAME working good. I was having the most fun with Darkstalkers.

That would be fantastic! I was unaware of the parking ban last night, so i left it in the street so the plow guys could get our driveway, and never moved it. Next time I’ll make sure I know.

Final Round is looking crazy hype. ROM got DQ’d from 3rd Strike for lack of apperance, but not SF4 lol.