Magz Helper Infinite?

Does it go something like this:

Snapback (catches both Main and Assist), dash fwd,, c.hp, ^, sj.lp,,,, airdash down,,, land, c.hp, rinse repeat?

someone help! I bet there are many varitions to this…

helper infinite.

psylocke’s aaa or sentinel’s projectile hits both main and assist, do snapback, dash in cr. short, cr. hp x 1 million on all charaacters or just dash in and do cr. hp x N.

yes, the helper infinite you posted is better for heavier characters like sentinel and jugg.

that one works but if the assist is kinda far away for the c.hp to land(this works well and should be done ALWAYS to big chars like sent and juggs.) , , sj.xx to one rep of the rom infinite land then c.hpxN. try to time the c.hp so that the tip of the hit box hits the assist to make sure they don’t land and get away. peace:D

What is C.HP X N mean?


umm, it means to do c.hp till the assist dies…

technically it means to do c.hp times any number hence the N.

My fav I do is:

Snapback: (catch the assist) c.hp , [super jump, magic series, dash down, pause lk (juggles them)] , c.hp … repeat [ ]


c.hp, [, dash down, lk (juggle)], c.hp and repeat [ ]


You can c.hp super jump cancel and c.hp again.

There are some others I have seen. Normal sj. infinites sometime work, and regular combos on assist, like the first two I listed, storm can do. You can also throw in an assist during it all to spice it up a little bit. And if you want to be REALLY flashy, you can do anoterh dashing after they land from a magic series. Timing is tight tho.

Snap, dash in Crlk, crhk, sj cancel air a/d hk lk,lk, land, launch, sj hp hp airdash down(straight) hk, land, crhk, sj hk , sj lk lk, dash down lk lk, land repeat. The assist should be dead by the first launching routine. :slight_smile:

as thewanderer posts his usual retarded rubbish that doesn’t even work. pffft.

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Snap, dash in, crlk, crhk, sj cancel to hk, airdash down foward lk,lk, land, launch, sj hp airdash down(airdash straight down, that means don’t move the analog , just hit the HP button)sj hp, sj hk, land cr hk, sj cancel to hk, then airdash downfoward lk lk. Their assist should be dead by the first launching routine. Read it carfully plz, before you accused me of being a big newb. If i mispelled something, then i apologize.

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First of all, i did figured out that shit by myself. Second, take out the sj jap for the Iron Man infinite" Sj Hk, sj fp, airdash foward or downfoward then lk,lk hold up+FP(for the airdash foward). As for the airdash downfoward" after the sj Fp, airdash downfoward lk,lk holdup+FP.

Ohhhh… 3mistakes… Ohhhhh.

Snap, dash in crlk, crHk, sj hk, cancel to an airdash downfoward lk, lk, land, launch, sj hp, hp(have to be fast), as the second Hp hits, airdash down(straight down) instantely, hk, land, crhk, sj hk, airdash downfoward lk,lk, then start the routine again. :lame: :lame:

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^whats wrong with it.?

um. it will never be used in actual play.

if tourney play. just c.hp x N

if going for show. (which you seem to be trying.) x sj.lp add sj.lp… add a little style. mix in rom setups and variations. cancelling. switch in characters.


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