Magnus resets into unmashable assists

everyone knows about the standard unmashable…

c.hp /\ hk, ad.df, lk lk, land, jump, lk+assist, lk xx tempest

so far the 2 most well known assists that this works for is psylocke and ironman. what other assists will this lead to an unmashable? …or maybe even after landing, you sj instead of jumping to get the extra combo hits in for another assist to hit?


for the storm and sent assists, do i call them before i launch? or call them when i rejump? does screen placement matter?

What you listed is not a reset.

Here is a reset into unmashable combo with sent ground or storm proj.

Do the dash down combo and when you land call out assist then dash underneath them to the opposite side and do 2 crouching jab kicks then tempest

same thing works with tron but you just do 1 crouching jab kick.

The only resets capable are either in the corner or with that TP unmashable.

somebody mind explaining the title of this thread…unmashable assist…:confused:

i guess i worded it kinda weird…

magnus resets into unmashable [tempests using] assists is what it should be lol…my bad

hey i know the topic is unmashable resets, but can someone just tell me some mag combos that deal just a ton of damage, i mean, i know unmashable resets do, but i need something more than the dash df lk lk call assist dash under tempest…i know mags has some really high damaging combos, but i need to know at least one or two more…my team is mag/storm/psy.

Can anyone give me a reset for MSP once I infinite someone into the corner? What I do now is on the df ad part of the infinite is a hp grab into whatever combo comes to mind. A good player tends to tech my throw sometimes. If a corner reset works better with a different character as an assist, I would like to know that as well. Thanks!:smiley:

whenever i do the tron into tempest i usually end up using both kicks.

these arent that good but ive used them in a good number of matches whenever my other assist is dead.
another random unmashable tempest: (i think damage might be a bit scaled though)

c.fierce, SJ, HK, air dash (df), short, forward:

  1. call storm (g), rejump, jab, short, forward, land, SJ xx Tempest.

  2. call cable (AAA), land, dash past opponent, SJ, Hyper grab, Magnetic Tempest.

these all end up pretty high up in the screen, afterwards i usually like to do a lil combo into a throw reset. either that standard fierce throw-tempest-hail storm one or a HK throw into EM disruptor.

all good and fun.

Hey, I’m working on learning resets right now, but I don’t understand what to do after the air throw. Could someone post a few simple resets I could try?

Also, what’s the Mag/Doom unmashable? All my attempts to figure it out for myself have done nothing but leave me frustrated.

Thanks for your time.

This is how you do mag/doom, launch, hk, ad lk,lk, land dash +doomXX Magnetic Tempest.

The rocks will lift the the opponet while the tempest connects.

As for the air throw, that depends on which throw and which assist your using. lets say your using psylocke aaa. when you get them in the corner land, then hk throw, lk+psy, hk, lk,hk… you could hyergravXXtempest, or sj and start the infinite again.

If your using the hp throw, I just hurry and DHC into storm’s Hailstorm, But this all depends on who your using. Just remember
If the person lands, they can rub out of the throw.

i hope that helps a little, I know more but maybe ill post it later.

The reset setup I’ve been practicing is the c.hp, sj.lp,,,, ad/df, hk throw, and I’m using Psy AAA. So I guess I’d throw them down and try that combo you posted?

And thanks for the MAg/Doom unmashable. I’ve been trying the one that ends with XX hypergav XX Tempest and it hasn’t been working, so I’ll give that one a shot.

Yeah joe you stole my stuff, oh well i stole it from someone too,and that psy combo make sure it all crouching attacks, its what he meant I just think he got in a hurry. And that doom combo works except in the corner

Is the Mag/Doom unmashable rollable? I’ve noticed the doesn’t combo with the + Doom.

yeah its rollable, just remember after the sj.k yougotta dash behind and press the together

Right, I assume since you drop Doom on one side and then go to the other and slide kick them, they have no where to roll to, effectively trapping them in a reset unmashable Tempest.

In practice it seems that’s how it works… awful hard to reliably pull off, though. Guess I need more practice.

wut tha hell is everybody talkin about…mag/doom unmashable is S.RH + doom cancelled on the first hit to tempest. it takes away so much why go for the so called “reset” where u drop doom, dash to the other side, sweep, and do tempest…BECAUSE ROCKS SCALE LIKE A BITCH + they CAN roll.

that is wut is wrong with this thread. people think that resets are unmashable…which…iono…makes no sense. if it is a reset…you can get out of it…period [except for the sent unblockable in the corner after his AC]…but i’ve never seen anybody pull that off.

it would be nice if somebody changed the title to “resets that lead to unmashable tempests” I think that is what the person who started this thread meant…:confused:

No No No, you misunderstood my post. I merely said that the unmashable posted earlier doesn’t combo from the to the, thereby resetting the buffer. Also, it’s rollable, but that shouldn’t matter if you surround them, should it?

And I’ve tried the unmashable you posted before, and it never seems to connect for a good solid number of hits.

And I know resets are escapable, but I wasn’t talking about resets, now was I?

sorta confused about ur post then…but i wasn’t intending it solely toward you…like…iono…people just seem to be confused in this thread n general.