Magneto vs. Vergil

I need help! I’m having a really hard time fighting Vergil for some reason. If I fight a solid Vergil who plays clean and won’t wiff buttons, how am I supposed to go about getting in with Magneto? I feel like when I’m playing and I try to tri jump, I get anti aired easily by vergil’s standing attacks. and I feel like since my EM has so much recovery that I have to worry about wiffing it and getting stingered into a full combo or teleported behind. I know I can fly to get myself out of danger, but how will that help me when I need to land a hit or if I have Magento last. And I’m also worried about going for grabs because lately I’ve just been getting hit by Vergil’s Hemletbreaker… A few people are telling me that the match is good for Magneto and he has the advantage, but I feel stumped when I play againt a good Vergil. What else can I do to keep away or rushdown with Magneto? So confused :frowning:

Magnetic Blast rapes Vergils face for free. Also the only time you need to worry about him teleporting behind your disruptah is if you are being obvious with disruptah. Also having an assist to cover Mag’s back makes the match-up even worse for Vergil. Try not to make your tri-jumps so obvious because all of us Vergil players mash DAT HELM BREAKER.

So basically play strong keepaway/zoning then go for your mix-ups when you have him locked down since you cannot fuck with his ground normals and retreat to zoning again if you can’t kill him. Watch out for random teleports because when 90% of Vergil players get frustrated they start raw teleporting behind so be ready to mash cr.A on him.

Persia the best I can say is when throwing out those sword normals try calling an assist in as you’re chuckin magnetic plasma. Basically you don’t ever want to go in on him early on so what you do is you’re going to have to lame it out until he starts getting frustrated doing random teleports and Helmbreaker. The best way in my opinion is to call Hidden Missiles/Drones if you have them or any other heavy hitting assist while doing Magnetic Blast or EMD.

Here’s a nice setup if he tries to do I think it’s either vergils :m: or :h: teleport and helmbreaker as it sets up an OS into a free reset/combo:
Stick position:

j.:h: 896:l: (This particular spot right here will either: A) Trade with Helmbreaker, B)Grab him out of the start up animation if you dash back and neutral jump, or C)If he doesn’t do Helmbreaker, will lead to him getting hit by the jumping heavy grab him for free combo) [land] j.:h: adf j.:h: 896:l: {land} j.:h: adf j.:m: j.:h: {land} j.:h: adf j.:m: j.:h: land j.:h: adf j.:m: j.:h:land :h: 214:l: sju add/f j.:h: s.:h: 214:l: s.:l: (in the case of no air recovery, superjump IADFD(instant air dash down forward then :h:) uf j:h:|:a1: (OS heavy xx 896:l: combo…) land [dash up depending on space available] :s: j.:h: adf j.:h: 896:l: land j.:m: j.:h: 896:l: land j.:m: j.:h: 896:l: land s.:h: 214:l: [sjuf addf j.:h: s.:h: 214:l:]x2 **[****:s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: xx :m::l:~:l: 241:l: xx :qcf:+:atk::atk:] **

That will do at least 950k with one bar.

If you need help with anything in particular, then please, browse around the magnus threads some more!
Here’s some links if you’re on your lazy girl swag(Has everything you need from combos to mix ups to solving those “How the fuck?” moments):

What team are you playing?

Yipes still rocking Vergil, correct? Ain’t no better training partner than that :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for all the info on this thread guys. This match-up was starting to annoy me a bit too.

Thanks, I’ll start working on it. And yeah, Yipes might be an awesome training partner to have, but its super hard learning against such a solid Vergil. I feel like he never messes up! And one hit and I can kiss Magneto goodbye haha. But I will look through the links and stuff. Thanks!