Magneto strategy: Aproaching

Magneto is fast but it doesn’t do me much good if my moves come out slow have little reach or have no priority.

Magneto has a nifty standing light that will catch jumping enemies but its so high from the ground and the hitbox seems soo small. That half of the cast can stand directly underneath it. So I constantly find my self useing on crouching light and my freinds always see that coming.

Does mags have any standing overhead atacks that I can add to my ground combo to swich things up?

His best overheads are SJ addf j.L, activate fly -> E for when right on top of them, or air dash forward j.B if you’re farther away.

And while we’re on the topic of approachs, how do you guys get close enough to get to that first mixup? I’ve been using drones+EM disruptor from almost full screen then following the drones in, but just SJing over the drones beats them pretty well and it’s generally really telegraphed, any other ways you guys are getting in?

Nice thread right about what I was going to ask in the Magneto thread. Another good overhead is activate fly then S? Also does air dash forward j.B have good priority and can hit confirm into crouching lights?

From what I’ve seen activate fly then S (I’m never sure whether to use S or E) is pretty good so far but you can be jabbed out of it, and yes air dash j.B can link to cr.A on hit but it can be a little tricky sometimes, although you might have to use j.BB sometimes if the opponent is a tall character.

when approaching with magneto i use Storm’s A assist then either trijump S, crossup, fake trijump into low, low crossup, box jump M>S, or dash in then L,M,fly overhead. or call sentinel rocket punch, jump crossup, and if the assist hits it will pop them in the air for a free c.H>S launch juggle

Whats the best way to cross up with Magneto? the only way I can really think to do so is by using fly, and that seems kinda risky because you basically surrender your ability to block.

I’m having trouble getting in on Deadpool with Sent (charge assist). My strategy would be to rush in w/Sent (charge assist), but I’ve been having issues keeping Mag alive long enough to take out Deadpool. My current team is Mag(a)/Chun(y)/Sent(a)…

any suggestions?

super jump and addf with h works on the bigger chars, working on something for medium to small chars