Magneto storm Capcom

is this the new best team? what can u do with this setup.

i know storm has no DHC and capcom is not invincible but there has been some buzz that this is the new best team

no, Santhrax is still the “Best”, but i think Matrix is better.
Mag/Storm/Cap is good

you have change a few set ups, but you can do some interesting things with it.

i’ll post later, I’m really tired right now

If you go to Combovideos and watch JustinW vs Sanford, I think its called “Breaking point AKA watch justin lose” or something like that.

Anyway Justin uses that team so there’s a good way to see how that team is played.

BTW that is my fav MVC2 match vid(other than random low-tier matches), very entertaining.


mag likes capcom

i found the video online but it wont let me download it, it says page cannot be displayed.

i think i found it on youtube and i think i seen this already too lol

ah man i actually haven’t seen this one, justin was doing so well with m/s/c the he used msp and was doing well btu then he kept chanign it shoudla stuck with msc

mscap is very nasty, although is kinda unorthadox for most magneto players i believe because its not the endless combo monotony that most mag players enjoy with msp msc and mss.

instead of infinite setups, juss go, s.rh infinite. you still have,, snapout on this team. you have ways to punish assists.

a perk many dont realize also with capcom is that when he blasts the assist in the air it gives you 2 or 3 extra seconds to rush down the point character that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

this team seems to be more hypergrav xx tempest related also than many other mag teams, but with that said, that doesn’t automatically eliminate them from my mind as being a great team. you show me somebody that mashes out 100%, and i’ll show you a dumass.

the resets =) i wont get into these yet as nobody has really posted much combos or strats for me to learn, but this team has resets that are just as good as other teams. i guess one basic reset from the infinite, the old classic call assist, dash other side, clk clk tempest xx hail. this is different in that capcom is blasting them INTo hail and you can always get your air combo after you dhc to hail. simple, but kind of cool.

i really thinkthis team is more about having capcom with magneto and for the people that like storm/cap over anything =) people are not used to magnus’ quickness being paired with capcom, they are used to storm/cap and sent/cap and cable/cap, none as quick as mag/cap. also, experiment with this team in the corner…they are pretty nasty.

Best tactic then do a hypergrave and capcom knocks them into it giving u a free combo.

(magnus)anytime somone leaves their helper open to counter call capcom you can do a couple of sneaky things

if the opponent holds back you can use their forced guard state to sj fp,ad fp,fk then land and follow-up

you can also sj fierce and then airdash above the opponents attempt to hit u

you can sj fierce then airdash down and fish for a light lk counterhit(you can then fly right her and fish around some more if you’re good with unfly+positioning)

after u sj and fierce the helper, any direction airdash cancel HYPERgrab(do it quickly)

this will track towards the opponent better, lock you in place so you can block quickly after the hyper and it’s a generally useful set-up in way more situations than just this silly option. sjcancel airdash df fk is a wide open option tree and can murder, experiment with different follow up normals then dhc tempest hail. if somone misreads protecting their helper, they are done.

the biggest plus for this team imo is that magneto can still get good positioning vs somone anywhere on the screen without the risk of having to set-up a priority vs priority where u can get counter hit. It doesn’t hurt that it bombs sentinel out of the way, thats a godsend. magneto/sent/capcom is very difficult to fight against with basic/common set-ups.

think less risk easier reward

idk if this was already mentioned…
OTG combo with Mag+Capcom

TriJump HK -> -> -> ROM/HG/whatever comes to your mind. - does good damage…

or the traditional Trijump HK -> capcom assist here) -> Trijump HK -> -> ROM/HG/whatever again comes into your mind.

When I played this team, everyone told me it was shit. :sad:

i think the team is alright. commando doesnt exactly compliment mag like all the other assists though, thats why its not seen too often. theres no 1 hit kill from the assist, its more of a slower death for the opponent ;).

$±This team is da chet-+$

[warning:massive post-dont read if you are not prepared to read]
I have been messing with this team a lot lately and it opens some doors for magneto that no other team can open, as well with shutting a couple–but im not complaining one bit:wink:

capcom gives magneto the power to control the opponents positioning, which, imo, he hardly ever can do to this extent with any other magneto based team. i have always felt msp and mss, and mscyke even have to bring the fight to life. whether it is catching storm in the air while avoiding not getting chipped or dodging around sentinel being as safe as patient as possible, or chasing down cable and stealing his gun. magneto always has to bring it to some extent. with capcom this elimintes half of the battle. the amount of time capcom gives magneto is ample time to put your opponent where you want them.

magneto being the most agile character in this game paired with, let’s face it, one of the best zoning and damaging aa’s in the game is probably deadly with the right amount of effort put into using it. most opponents are used to storm/cap and sent/cap and cable/cap. none of which have the ability (except maybe storm, but storm is usually trying to whore priority in the air or on the ground) to cover the amount of distance and counter call capcom the way magneto does. magneto is quicker in the air as well, so crossing sides with an opponent in an effort to protect your capcom call is easier than doing it with the other big 3 also.

against magnetos, you can counter call cap every dash in they make, and bare minimum blast the assist, putting them in blockstun and giving you about 2 seconds to take advantage of it. if they get hit you get two dashes towards them and then they have to make the big decision on the way down–do they call their assist out again to get you off of them? or do they throw out an attack and try to rush you? or do they just block and see what you are going to do? it is a continual cycle of defense that can frustrate an opponent to death. mind you if they get and you get two wavedashes in they are almost in the corner already, marvel’s godsend location. one obvious point i should say though about magneto battles…mst is problem for me still with this team, i haven’t found a good way to counter tron tactics yet except just out g the other person and snap tron kill blah blah. so need advice therE!

against sentinels, stomp patterns aren’t as safe to do, capcom/cyke/aaa is much harder if not impossible to cover from a normal jump counter call capcom, and each time sentinel gets blasted magneto gets in close which presents a real fucking problem for sentinel. AND you would be surprised how many times you can infinte off a counter call capcom against sentinel since it does not blast him that high. when he does get blasted and you can’t infinite him, you get one dash towards him and he has to make a move–call assist blah blah blah, or just block you until he can pushblock spit fly and get back to zoning patterns. you see there is really a problem with both options :rofl: if he calls his assist you get counter call rtsd or protect capcom tactics, or you finally put sentinel on defense mode so you get to do what your magneto does! every capcom blasts he gets with that makes him touch the corner of the screen = infinite if you are not in guardstun. in short, capcom makes this match a lot easier.

against storm, she was used to sj’ing and floating to repositioning herself against a good msp mscyke mss that was getting out of hand…one magneto/capcom makes shit get out of hand, there is nowhere to run…because capcom makes the sky unsafe just like sentinel capcom. i haven’t yet but im working making the top sj layer a very unsafe place to be. magneto can actually use capcom’s blast wall for very nasty throw setups and crossups in the air…s.rh’s are easier to counter call and storm realizes there is a larger cost for whoring s.rh on mag’s with cap than lets say mag’s with psy [let me divulge and make sense cuz a lot of people will think that is not true, but many time storm has drones covering her as her everlasting layer of protection…so if psy hits, you are juss pinned by drones still unable to combo or take advantage of the knockdown, but with capcom, he is simple…he blasts that bitch…and sometimes sentinel too! :rofl: so now by one good button push, you take the layer of protection that hoe stays in off the screen and give yourself enough time to try to setup a counterhit or bait an assist out.

against cable, he wants no parts of the shinanigins mag/cap brings…mag/cap is different in that it can’t kill cable off of a hit, but it is the same in that if you want, you can still snap off of the hit. but where mag/cap deviates from the reset of the group of mag pairings is that now once you get near cable and he tries to runaway from you…you are harder to run from…cable can’t sj up and try to pin you with a grenade without runnning the risk he will be blasted. because of magneto’s speed, magneto is covering the air on the ground with capcom, and can stay so close that a lot of times cable can’t stop you from counter calling his assist. if i hover under cable when he comes down, and he calls capcom, i can call capcom wiithout the fear of him getting ahvb’e cuz i am literally right next to him, which cannot be said for any of magneto’s assists even sent-a…and psy-a sometimes even goes through cable’s gun when it looks like it should hit after a cap call and ahvb. and at any rate…cap does more than psylocke ever would. many times cable does this bullchet is when you have corner him, and if he gets blasted by cap near the corner…you should get your gimmicks with this team off :wink:

I went through the big four matchups just to emphasize the difference of how you will be playing magneto, or at least how I play with this team. I feel this team is about baiting assist calls, forcing opponents into a situation that gives them a huge disadvantage aka the corner :wink: this team really is not about rushing that shit down and finding some tricky/crazy/glitchy/trill way to land your of doom and terror.

The nature of this team being about putting the opponent into the corner gives you more opportunities than with other magneto duo’s i believe. the opponent, once in the corner, is going to be looking for THE NEXT opportunity to jump out of the bad situation. jumping to soon leads to eating unintended’s
-out of outside of corner[midscreen for examples sake]
-dash twice and if you are feeling risky or ready to dhc to storm if it misses,
you can use your c.fp’s hitbox to glitch out on the backside or just let it
counter hit their dropping attack
-dash twice sj.rh ad/df, land and react. this option is so deceptively
solid because the opponents is literally inches from the corner after getting
hit midscreen.
-em disruptor xx tempest dhc hail
-near or in corner
-sj after them sj.lp ad/uf whatever to hypergrasp tempest
i’ll stop here for this because this is where you should let your mag/cap
experiment. the corner is glitchy though, i am still experimenting here,
but this situation is terrible for the opponent because it leaves them at
such a disadvantage, s.rh can be used to go into infinite if you realli need an infinite starter with cap though i would recommend saving cap for different uses :sweat:

Assist punishing - HUGE - PIVITOL - IN PROGRESS - really…it is that big, magneto can rack damage up so fast on assists now it is retarded. a simple countercall sj. fp is enough to make somebody hesitent on calling their assist as much. I am working on this section as well, im going to experiment with c.rh+capcom punishers as well as other funky ones :looney:

Playing mag/cap normally you get a lot of counterhit infinites, so s.rh+capcom xxshockwave does great damage and leaves you in a position to do more damage. im experimenting with calling capcom as a shield and dashing over to other side with lp, I really think it is an almost unpunishable tactic. If they block the incorrect way you get the infinite and actually another little weird reset opportunity in s.lp, after crossing over with sj.lp, you could s.lp and use capcom as a wall to change back to original side very fast. Like i said though, this needs more testing and work.

Mag/cap resets I believe should probably be centered around the fact that he can land a hypergrasp with s.rh+cap, hypergrasp. what this does is puts the opponent in a state where they cannot call their helper since they are in sj mode and allows you to position yourself AND them accordingly. This needs A LOT more testing but I believe this will work well in some aspect and situation. Other than hypergrasp resets basic dash under resets are probably your best bet to do beastly damage. I do not really believe this team is reset oriented so all of these reset fanatic magnetos need to take that shit elsewhere!:annoy: simple hypergrasp tempests will get the job done with this team…i mean remember…you dont have storm/sent-a/psy-a/cyke-a, you got storm/capcom behind you! [although storm/cyke is da hotness]

–I am using this as a notepad really for myself but I hope this helps other people trying to use this team. even though since jwong dropped them nobody seems to care to try to use them x_X


no slow death when you get hit by this team, you get dropped just like all the rest…

only difference is that jump airdash + assist doesn’t give easy 100% snap. I play drones on this anyways tho…

I am still trying to figure out better strategies on sentinel and magneto. For some reason I feel like magneto should be almost un-hittable with capcom backing him. I am trying to get some em-disruptor setups going with this team against other magneto’s, counter assisting every single of one of their calls and protecting assist and preventing advances with disruptor most of the time…but iono, sometimes when i lose with this team I feel like they aren’t worth the trouble, but im trying to just keep the faith xD experimenting is such a pain sometimes.

i hate that, i tried playing mag/storm/cammy and i would win 1 out of 10 games i played and i used to say to my self, “no i gotta get good with this team” but then i gave up.

and in general, u can always use the capcom assist to escape, when mag calls an assist and tri jumps to the other side, u call capcom and block and then dash or super jump out of there and reset ur gameplan. Most players are too tempted to only think about attacking when they block a capcom assist, they are so used to counter calling and punishing capcom.

yep…i was losing against my homie’s sentinel but i mean i guess you will lose experimenting though so what can i expect. i was finding something funny out though when I would get in close with his sentinel i was noticing like a hilarious pattern that it seems like will happen with many good sentinel players due to the nature of the mag vs sentinel fight.

when i would get in without using capcom first, of course he calls cap, but i can counter call quickly and blast him. then he either attacks or jumps or blocks, at any rate i would be on sentinel like flies on shit. and within a matter of seconds capcom would come flying back out at me, although if im expecting this, i can just avoid capcom this second time no problem, and stay on him while counter calling him the entire time. it seems like sentinel is FORCED to escape your magneto/cap without using his capcom, because you are ucking his assist up way more than he is ucking your assist up…

this is way different than if i have psy or cyke due to them hoes being frail. so i could counter assist him 3 times and not do as much damage as he would do with one good counter call, not to mention he might get a s.fp or c.fp hsf assist kill setup off each cap counter call. and sent-a can punish a capcom off a counter call, but if push comes to shove a smart sentinel will j.rh sent-a from killing his capcom or even just stopping the counter call if you will be put into guardstun too.

capcom comes out too fast to snuff on reaction.

i just need to get used to having the mag/capcom combo because it plays toooooo differently than all the rest of the mag duo’s

mscap has some weird gb’s and combos after a capcom hit

in the corner after u kill a character - call cap, tempest - if its done right they will fall into the meat of the tempest and u will get an infinite if you did it on the ground or if you tk’ed it and ad/d lk lk very quickly. if they start taking the hit from this you get the mag/cable-b mixups when cable’s pscimtar hits them into the corner.

if you call cap and sj anticipating the hit, you can get sj.lp sj.lp, airdash into direction needed lp mp lp, magic series, fly, grab into u figure it out xD

in the corner if you land flight grab after this setup you get an unmashable tempest with a cap call

max, whats that combo you were talkin about from,, i think it was sj fk and then something after, shit is hard to do,, sj.rh, ad/d sj.rh, otg x 2 that is the secksiness, there is some ultra delaying in that combo, but it works well :lovin: