Magneto/Cable/Dr. Doom Discussion

This is primarily about Magneto on this team, hence why I put it here :slight_smile:

I know there’s a Mag/Doom thread, but this is moreso on this team. I’ve been hearing that it’s anti-Santhrax, but why is that? From what I’ve gathered, you get in with Magneto, drop Doom, and just keep them locked down while trying to land a hit.

Obviously, I don’t know a whole lot about the team, though I do play it and enjoy it, once my Mags gets better I’ll probably be able to do a lot better with the team. As of now though, I currently use Mags as a battery for Cable while trying to dish out as much damage as possible before bringing in Cable and doing basic run-away or whatever until you can land an AHVB. I like how Doom chips while you’re just throwing normals out with Mags…

Anyways, from what I’ve gathered from the Mag/Doom thread, current common combos for this team… + Doom AAA, c.hp /\ sj.hp, airdash d/f, sj.hp,, land, (Doom rocks hit) xx HyperGrav XX Magnetic Tempest, c.hp, /,, airdash d/f, sj.d+lk,, land…
… + Doom AAA,, j.hp XX Magnetic Tempest
… (1 hit) + Doom AAA xx HyperGrav XX Magnetic Tempest

Then of course, different resets like landing from airdash lk, lk, call Doom, dash under, XX Tempest, or jump up, hk grab, dash and + Doom AAA, XX Tempest. Blah. I suck.

Anyways, anything to help myself and others with this team is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

mag/doom counters sent/capcom…i guess thats why its anti santrax? but ima scrub so iono

Mag doom is nastie…cuz u can lock your opponent down…however im not big on doom…they do good chip too

mag/doom locks down sent/capcom so when u do land tha crucial hit on sent u can snap in capcom n kill him…mag does build enough meter for cable to come in n do some serious damage…but remember make sure mag does damage too…i would say a solid combo with mag/doom is infinite to bout 40 hits and unmashable (s.rh one) that shit hurts

Once a rock hits sent that should be your cue to infinite his ass and kill him or snap him out…

storm is always a bitch to fight with mag for me…just pray to god u land the first hit b4 she can do that dhc of death… i guess once u land that hit u go into basic mag mentality and go for the kill…just dont be predictable with the resets…i wouldnt advise that throw reset u listed durin midscreen cuz they can tech hit and roll…and the goal is not to let em escape…honestly i feel more comfortable fight santrax with msp than mag/xx/doom iono y…

Having a good doom helps this team alot too…so when he comes in u can hold your on… i guess every char should be good…but i think your mag is most important cuz u want to lay some damage into the other team really quick…and u kno magnuz dismantles whole teams really nice:D …well better than cable…but yea im rambling…so umm yea

So what I’m hearing is that Mag/Cable/Doom is anti Sent/CapCom because Doom beats out CapCom AAA, and if a rock or two hits Sentinel, you should infinite into reset or snap back? I figured they were good because Cable provides a decent AAA, and Mags builds the meter for the AHVB. Doom keeps them pinned and chipped so Mags is free to try and mix them up to land a hit all the while building meter for Cable. As far as I know, Doom’s rocks also help majorly in chipping because that’s a department Mags doesn’t excel in.

This team is dope yo. Can someone explain how this Mag/Doom standing rh infinite goes?

launch (d.hp),, ad/, lk,, lk, ad/, lk (infinite to about 40 hits) xx HYPERGRAV-TEMPEST. = UNMASHABLE and u can scrape them up off the ground if they dont roll!

although this is mentioned already…i feel lame re-typing it!

mag-a, storm-a, doom-b = teh truth

Oh so Doom’s rocks make the hyper grav xx tempest unmashable?

Doom’s rocks make it unmashable because the HyperGrav pulls them into it before they can shake out, thus the rocks hold them while the tempest hits. Damage is very, very sweet.

There are so many different ways of playing Mags though, which is why I’m trying to see what people who play or play against this team do with him. Do they do the typical infinite to build meter for Cable, reset city, Doom lock down with crazy Mags all over the place, etc.

That and some solid tactics would be sweet too. + Doom AAA,, fuck up triangle dash and end up sj.hp doesn’t work too well for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me why i played sent/capcom with mag/doom i got raped, but then i picked msp and won?:confused:

Mag/Doom has the no anti air problem. Stomp stomp stomp.


  1. u don’t use mag/doom well enough to counter sent/capcom
  2. ur msp is better than ur mag/doom
  3. u won cuz msp can be random
  4. the opponent tried to play against ur mag/psy like he did ur mag/doom (u gotta be wary of psy assist…much deadlier than doom’s)

iono…with mag/doom it is alot easier to pin sentinel down…but with mag/psy u always got the chacne of landing that psy assist. But getting close to sentinel/capcom with mag/psy can be a problem

So how woule Mag Doom Psy fair, I’m thinking of making that my secondary team in case my number 1 team fails. But would Psylocke benefit Dr. Doom ?

psylocke is okay for doom, although if you can work around id suggest so. for doom to actually capitalise from psylocke aaa, you have to be right under and either do a kick launcher or an early cr.fp launcher, which is not quite convenient… or you can just try to get tiger knee photon arrays when psylocke hits…

Gettin close isnt too much of a problem when i have mag/psy…i feel ALOT more comfortable having psy back me up than doom…i dont play doom thats tru…i just tried to see how i would fair…but when i land a hit with mag/psy…i snap capcom out kill him then the fight is alot much easier cuz i can land that hit on sentinel alot easier to kill him…but yea my mag/psy is alot better than my mag/doom…

mag/doom counters sent/cap…yet I still don’t fare too well against scrub when i use this team. i feel this team just doesn’t do well consistantly against scrub…why u say? just look at EVERYBODY using scrub and santhrax…then nobody hardly uses mag/cable/doom…and if they are such a counter…why not use them?

iono; I am not giving up hope on this team…i just don’t believe it rapes sent/cap as bad as everybody says…one mis-called doom could be life threatening for doom. i just about like storm/doom better

tiger kneeing Doom’s super photon array with Psylocke assist = Too Strong :lol:

I’m seriously not sure though about how this stops Sent/CapCom. Of course if Sent gets above your head, you’re fuxxx0red. Doom kinda can’t bring him down, but Sent can bring down his foot on poor Doom’s head. I’ve also been told that if you call out Doom at the same time or just before CapCom, he beats out CapCom. I have YET to have this happen. I usually have to wait for the corridor to come out, and then call out Doom and let him bounce Capcom out of the way so I can bull rush Sentinel. Lucky me, we don’t have more than maybe one or two good Sentinels in the area.

I am not saying mag/doom doesn’t rape sent/cap up close…one thing is for sure when you got doom-b behind magneto…he isn’t just going to slam the assist button and get a get outta jail free card…he is going to have to work his ass off to get out…but ONE miscalled doom can lead to so much of his life bar because of the fact that a sent stomp MURDERS doom just as bad as doom murders capcom IMO…

j.rh+cap, fly unfly, laser xx hsf, then lock down with wuteva assist and reset that rocket punch…are u going to call ur doom out after that???

You’re playing mag/doom wrong if you aren’t having a pretty damn good win % vs scrub. On paper(and in practice) it’s a solid counter



anytime i’m close, doom rocks give all 18 pts from chip, i get free instant high low because of Guardstun, completely safe, nerfed commando if he came out, east easy guardstun patterns, only tron makes it look that easy…

The cable aaa is there for a reason, half the time you need to be using doom from IN CLOSE set-ups for guaranteed rushdown, the other time you’re not safely using doom, you’re counter assisting the shit out of capcom assist from dash in baits, if in the corner it tags both sent and capcom, get the double cross-up, Sj airdash upforward, GrabXXtempest and either they reverse block when it crosses up, or they don’t ;p.

Infinite 40 hits, unmashable, HVB dead sentinel. depending on how far you’re in the fight, you’re still good, cable with bars to spare even fucks the match more at this point…then you basically scrap with a cripple cable and a full c0mand0. Nothing to tough there.

Worst case match?

Sentinel gets above you and calls capcom the right time close to everytime, your doom gets busted, he baits out cable and punishes him too, now you’re a running magneto. A good sent/capcom really knows how to stop doom from even coming out, using the laser right just prevents any full screen attempts. The sentinel also has to wait out magneto when he has to block the assist, or at a point when commando would just get hit by doom, sent has to block AGAIN or get out prioritized by a guardstun rush into some nasty combo. As long as Sent/cap assists and zones right, with good flight even the counter teams have gaps.

Mag/cable/doom vs storm/sent/cyc or msp storm/psy, those matches are much much rougher…

Anyways, dope team

Always 2 sides to the match-upS

your ryte about me not using them right…hopefully i’ll be able to soon. thanx for the info

How does MSP and MSS with Rp assist and Ground assist beat Mag,Cable,Doom? From what i saw in the TS3 matches,it seems impossible to beat J-wong when he’s using that team.

Those are old video’s, the team doesn’t get as much play anymore.

Storm/sent/cyc and msp counter it too hard…

Psylocke limits dooms use and magneto’s offense*while they only have a cable aaa…