Magic Swap help?

I’m sure a few of you have it (with import fighters and such). Is it difficult to use? Any chance of damage? Any comments? I’m mainly looking to play FFX International.

EDIT: I wasn’t thinking while typing. I meant Swap Magic.

People say that the slide card can mess up the laser and or damage the tray. I have used mine for the last 5 years without any problems.

Burned dvd games have problems with random resets, but I think that is something on my end. Legit import games have never given me problems using the swap discs.

depends on if you get a lid or card

lid is brain dead easy
card is a bit tricky but once you do

if you burn dvd-r games at 2X its less stressful for the ps2 lens to read.

depends on the brand too

Simple as this.

Got a Fat PS2 get a top.

Got a Thin PS2 use the tissue and tape method.

2x-4x to burn your games.

And most important of all get 3.6. Best compatibility with PS2 games. 3.8 is cool with the Coder feature but with that feature it loses some compatibility with some games. So choice is up to you. And Google the Exploit Utility so you can do more stuff with your PS2.

Hope it helps.

if u got a fat ps2 and dont wanna get a lid, there’s a way to still use swap magic, though u gotta take off the cover. the whole point is to switch disks without using the eject button so u take off the white part with the magnet on it, switch disks, then put the magnet on top of it again. iono how to explain, but i’ve done it before

I’m using a slim PS2 (old PS2 died too many times). Thanks for the responses.

keep in mind that dvd-rs are better to use then dvd+rs as they cause less stress on the lens and are easier to read.

and brands are hella important too

I ordered V12 Swap Magic + slim tool kit (comes with 3 tiny plastic pieces, ‘a,b,c’ from modchipstore (googled promo codes and found ‘modchip’ promo code for $5 off.) - I have a Slim Silver PS2 79001. So I had to do a slight modification to get tool-c to work. I can now play games with the door open, and in theory, I have not voided my warranty since I didn’t open the ps2.

The bad news is, they decided to give me a ‘free upgrade’, which is a disc labeled 'Ulitmate Collection v2.0" which according to the note, has swap magic 3.6 and many other must-have mod programs. Too bad it won’t even be read by my ps2 ~_~. It just clicks and tries to spin, and never gets read.

I’ve emailed them to get the actual discs listed in the package contents. The swap magic 3.6 dvd and cd. I also googled the horrid free upgrade and only found posts on other forums complaining it doesn’t work. Also, the website on the note ‘’ doesn’t work either.

Just an fyi, be careful if you happen to order from modchipstore.