Magic series HP HK

is there a way to consistently get this. i am talking about, c.hp, sj.lp,,,, sj.hp,

sometimes i get it to connect sometimes i dont.

if i try doing lp lk mp slowly and then doing hp hk it connects

is there a perfect height the opponent has to be in order to pull it off or does it depend on so many variables that there is no way of knowing

lol here’s a vid for illustrative porposes

You got the right idea of doing the lp lk mp slowly, try this c.hp pause then do the magic series and see if it connects. Also try see if this helps, c.hp lp lk lp lk pause hp hk. I know it will connect with large characters such as sentinal hulk etc. But normal characters, I have no idea.



do the magic series slooowwww.

i tried doing that and that just puts the opponent higher. like magnetos head is at the opponents feet. and i miss the hp, i wonder if i dash up and then do hp hk if it would work.

im never really going to use this unless i have no meter and happen to land a c.hp after connecting two jump in attacks but meh… its fun

If you want to add in the HP HK u can dash forward after one to three light attacks.

just wondering wouldnt it be better to save that air dash for another series and then doin hp hk

so c.lp,c.hp, sj. lp lk lp lk aduf+lp lk lp lk hp hk:confused:

The way i’ve done it, is launch, sj, lp, lk, mp…mk, hp, hk.

note: when i sj, i sj forward, not str8 up., c.hp, sj.lp,,,, a/d forward, sj.hp,

Works everytime.

launch magic series ad/uf lp…lk…mp,mk,hp,hk

the air dash up-forward after the fast magic series positions you above them…the slow lp and lk position a bit more, and then do the last 4 hits fast

if you don’t have meter then 5 fierce:looney: