MAG wins UCLA qualifier for Team WC!

Since no one’s posted this yet, I just wanna say props to Mag for winning it… now you gotta take on Randy L. dude… echale ganas =]

Results were:

1st. Martin Garcia(MAG)
2nd. Shady
3rd. Cesar Herrera(Cheeser)
4th. Jose Garcia
5th Sin/Jaime


eso es todo MAG sigele hechando ganas, tu puedes!!!

TY Musker:)

what is this? HP Domination?

holy shit. good job martin. good luck against randy.

Congrats to MAG and good luck against Randy L !

If you guys wanna see MAG in action from today’s tourney, go check out my site at

I uploaded few videos including the grand finals between MAG vs. ShadyK
DJ-B13 vs. Amir
ShadyK vs. Clockw0rk

If the download doesn’t work, then be patient and try again…Im sure my bandwith will goto shits for those vids :stuck_out_tongue:

N-Joy! :smiley:

I love you…

Well mostly just your site :slight_smile:

same :wink:

BTW, it says SERVER FAILURE everytime i DL it…i hope this is fixed asap…thanks again


good looking out with them vids:cool:

good shit mag, ur lucky i wasnt there lol jk, your magneto got way better,good shit. good luck with randy at evo

peace 1

Shogo, you’re the fuckin man, thanx for hosting all those vids :slight_smile:

Thank’s Musker/ R.G.A. Ill see you guys in evolution. Peace.

Holy shit, DJ B13 is fuckin sick. I didn’t know how good he was.

yeah i see him at camelot weeklies. that guys got some tricks up his sleeve.

props to mag

but mostly thanks for hostin vids for free for the community to download.

keep it real