Mag vs. Strider/Doom

WtF? I cant move!?! Any suggestions on assists, strats, quick combos to do on Doom when he’s unprotected would be appreciated.

What I usually do is try to stay in he air when I’m not rushing or trying to keep Strider in blockstun so he cant call Doom. that my friends, i all I can think of doing…still a noob, yes, I know. And when Doom is out un guarded, the most useful thing I’ve found is to launchxxTempest. If Strider teleports behind you to knock you out of it, he’ll get hit too and if he doesnt roll, you can OTG him and do whatever. If anyone knows any tips/strats, I sure could use em, cuz Im fresh out.

get some videos of clockwork vs ppl that use magnus… like taiji or soo… you should learn a few things there

sorry my advice isn’t that great… i’m east coast… not alot of good s/d players here…

like hadoken king sed ec dont got too much s/d…but all i can say is…try use cyc as an assist and counter call him when doom comes out…sj ad df fp rh snuffs doom everytime he comes out so thats usually helpful…when ouroboros is activated sj ad all the way to the top of the screen and do a tempest…it should run out by then…hit him and kill him…thats all i kno:(

yeah cyke is a really good anti S/D…and with magnus after cyke hits should lead to infinite leading to unmashable tempest == dead strider.

or at the very least a very weakened strider. the outcome of the match depends on how well they execute the trap, if they can fill in the holes or not, and how well you can punish them when you hit them during a hole.

im from the east coast but i still think the same thing holds true…even though we don’t see strider/doom often.

if he is starting strider out on point you should win if you have a good magneto. one hit should equal death against strider easily.

if he is playing like sent/strider/doom, that makes it tougher, you have to fight sentinel…but i mean hell, if you hit sentinel snap doom in, at worst he is gun dhc out to strider which takes two meters, and s/d is all about meter management. (knowing when to use it and when to save it)

anyways…if your having a real real hard time u could just pick row…cable’s AA trades with doom, so that will take doom out of the picture, pushblock strider, tah dah, now strider has to re-trap you

edit: i said im from east coast, fuck that, im from the south



Okay, for the record…

Row = ?
Santhrax = ?
Team Scrub = ?
Combofiend = ?

and a lot of others I dont know. Wait, I know combofiend is Mag/IM/Sent right? That’s the only one I know

Strider/Doom fucks me up so bad… Even though I try and counter with Cammy. =(

Filled in the blanks:D

Whats wrong with east coast?

can somebody pls tell me what does those teams mean? i know what santhrax and combofiend is but what does row,jesus,scrub mean? and if there are other code names for teams that you think people should know of, kindly fill me in…thanks in advance…

row = rowtron aka rodolfo castro
scrub = team scrubs and top players can use… it’s a good overall team

okay… back to S/D. Is there anyway to reliably get out of the trap once ur in? I would think a good way would be to counter canel into super. but is there a way to cancel out w/out using meter?


against a good S/D trap once you’re in, you’re in for the entire duration. no way around it. pushblocking doesn’t do shit cuz you’ll push strider away, and into doom. so it won’t do anything anyways, and you might lose your guard from pushblocking too much.

VC doesn’t work too well either unless you time it extremely well because of orbs and rocks all over the place. but if you can manage to sneak it in, you have a good chance in kill strider. cyke and psylocke come to mind if they have lots of meter to spare (via DHC after VCxxHC)

a good tactic against S/D is to play the patience game. many players are always aggressive with S/D trappin a lot etc. but when you keep jumpin back and chargin meter strider has trouble catching you. he’ll catch you eventually. but just the annoyance factor can throw them off and you can take them out when they make the mistake.


row = rowtron aka rodolfo castro
scrub = team scrubs and top players can use… it’s a good overall team


wat i ment was what the team is composed of…like team combofiend-sent/magz/IM…like that stuff…


row = mag/cable/sent-a
scrub = sent/cable/commando, or cable/sent/commando
jesus = mag/cable/doom

thanks… now i know…:slight_smile:

A note on playing vs S/D…

If you are using MSP, canceling in psylocke XX super XX storm works pretty well in helping to kill Strider.

Also, if you can catch doom out try to keep him out as long as possible. If you need ideas on how to keep assists out, check out sanford vs. desmond, and the breakdown finals, available at

As with all things, practice and patience are the best recipe for a win.

you gotta do a quick cancel, if you wait you might get hit by a rock or orbs and you woulda wasted a meter, and you would have psylocke vs strider…which is a bad thing