I talked to this in the other thread, and I want to go more in depth about this team here.

Mag/BH/Sent is a pretty unique team and if maybe more people try it out maybe it will get some steam. I use Mag-a/BH-b/Sent-a whenever I play this.

Mag on point gains use of Sent for rushdown and damage, while BH keeps them on the ground so that he can get the ground rush going. Also, you can go up after someone after an inferno hits or hyper grav into a combo if you get them in the right angle.

BH pretty much gets ground assists. Both Mag and Sent’s assist allow for some good damaging combos for one meter. Pretty much if he gets a poke then pretty much the opponent is going to lose at least 70% of their life easy.

Sent gains two great space controlling assists, so it gets hard for people to get near you while you lockdown with Mag’s and BH’s assists.

A big upside to this team is that as long as you have two meters, ANY part of the team has a way to do damage or safely get out. Here are some examples.


After any ROM Sequence: st. hk xx HG xx MT xx HOD/JD. Depending on how many reps of the ROM you do, this will kill instantly. The reason for that is that because of how low they are, they will get full hits from all of the demons of HOD/JD. If you’re against Cable, then you will probably want to DHC into JD instead. Also, if you have 3 meters, and you DHC to HSF from BH, you can kill instantly with a launch combo from Sent.

After any magic series: HG xx MT xx Armageddon. Pretty much known. Also usually done with the corner Mag/BH unmashable in the corner. Pay very close attention to how the rocks hit the opponent. With the way they hit sometimes, you can get away with DHC’ing to Sent for the kill.


cr. lk + mag, cr. lk xx JD xx HSF. Easy ass combo that does dumb ass damage. Make sure you wait until Sent is all the way out before you DHC to him.

cr. lk + mag or sent, cr. lk xx Inferno xx Armageddon/JD xx HSF. This is easier for Sent-a assist. With Mag’s assist make sure you do the inferno fast. Also, Armageddon xx HSF does more damage, but can miss cause of random rock placement. Same with the last one, make sure Sent is out of there if you use him for an assist.


launch, sj. lk xx fly, f. lk + mag, f. fp xx hard drive xx HOD. Mag hits and keeps them up for the HOD. Do not do this vs a metered Cable unless it kills.

There’s more as well but just be creative.

But there’s a little bit of stuff. It’s a fun team, and yeah it has it’s weaknesses, but I think it could be a strong team for BH users if they gave it a chance every once in awhile.

I’ll post more later.

i’ve messed around with this team.

and its a really fun team, specially for the fact that you can start any of these characters on point

BH has all the tools in this team so beat out most the cast, even with the lack of an AA well places fierce demons will make it hard for anyone to get in… storm and cable would be the only issue for BH, but you can always tag in mags or sent to take care of them

i didnt experiment much with this team due to my play style(runaway aka east coast)

i also liked using sentinel drones better than projectile…

just to be able to clutter the screen better with BH…that and mags has some crazy cross-up sets ups with drones

I, too, mess with this team from time to time (though I prefer to play drones over RP, gives my BH more cover for my style ov play). I tend to rush/zone more than runaway with BH in general anyways…add in the consistent usage ov his more obscurely used moves.

I like a team that can function with anyone on point. My Mags is lacking, but this team sounds dangerous. Does anyone play this team seriously? Anywhere I can find footage?

FINALLY!!, people are picking this team up, good thing too as i mentioned like a year ago this team is insane. However you MUST have a really good magneto!!! My magneto is not bad, i mean i can do rushdowns and i am pretty good with the rom infinite, but Mags and blackheart are completely different gamestyles so i’ve been having problems in getting my magneto up to speed.

However i must add, a hypergrab XX tempest magneto is not so bad with this team. If you don’t know what i mean, Then what i am trying to say is that you don’t need to focus on getting the ROM infinite down to get a kickass team. The rom infinite helps but it’s not necessary. I’ve been learning on how to play without it and i tend to do better then if i follow up with the rom infinite. Here are som of my most easiest, effective(anytime) setups:

1- **MAGS-, c. mk xx hypergrab xx tempest **: about 50% damage --it doesn’t look like much but it’s easy does a ton of damage, with very little risk factor in it. The down side is that IT Is mashable, especially top player will be able to get out of this, but not always and even if they do, tempest still holds them down. Making them unable to come after you while you are in super motion.

2-** MAGS.- LAUNCH, sj.lp,,, xx hypergrab xx tempest xx Armageddon**-- About 65-70% damage – Now, that is a basic magneto combo into super deal. However, by canceling it into Armageddon, you deal a serious amount of damage there. Also to those who didn’t know, Armageddon has the same properties as Hailstorm(from storm), meaning that if you are quick enough you can do: magic series xx tempest xx Armageddon, and it will hit the opponent dealing a serious damage as well.

3- Blackheart- + Sent.(proj.) or Mags. (proj.), c. mk xx Judgment day – About 40% damage-- A really easy combo, can be done with either assist and deal about the same damage. There is very little risk involve, it’s quick, and very practical. I personally use this a lot.

There are a few more with sentinel and blackheart but They are not that easy and it requires deep knowledge of the characters. i’ll post those up at another time, but quite frankly what you want is to learn the easiest stuff that it’s the most effective in the match. And since you are not going to be using much of sentinel in the match other than as a designated assist, you might as well concentrate on getting your act together with Magneto and Blackheart. With sentinel learn how to be defensive and buy time with him, that is the basics of this game…well mostly!

Don’t get me wrong. ROM is important to learn for any Magneto player. It helps in set ups, damage, and resets. Plus the combo you just mentioned is mashable, but you would just use that to DHC to JD/HOD.

Also more stuff with this team.

With Magneto, Throw + BH can lead to some interesting effects. If you do hk throw + BH and you point the throw down, the Inferno causes a forced roll, which allows you to wavedash and cross when they recover. If you just throw them forward, then the assist does it’s normal thing. This also happens with the hp throw + BH. I would use the hk throw down + BH on anyone who can fly/float/airdash.

Also, think about super jumping with Magneto after you call BH from a distance. Sometimes if they get hit by the Inferno you can catch them with a normal and then airdash up to them and continue the combo. At the very least after you super jump, you can time a hyper grav to catch them, then air dash and continue the combo.

If you play this team with drones, you get 3 unmashable dhc’s to your disposal. Those are:

(Your side of the screen only) st. hk + drones xx hg xx mt xx jd/hod. I say you can only use on your side of the screen, but also during a ROM sequence, if you reset anyone with sj. lk, addf, tj. lk, you can do this unmashable as well.

(use in reset situations only)
call drones and dash under/sj airdash df to the other side, (tj. lk, tj. mp or cr. lk, cr. mp) xx Tempest. * This is part of a small option tree when you cross someone over. You have high/low/throw with the drones assist. DHC to JD/HOD afterwards.

Also with Sent’s drones, or HSF, you can Unblockable DHC an incoming character. I can’t get the timing of it just yet though.

This team is crazy. More later.

EDIT: Joe you know I already posted two of those combos you put up?

CoosCoos, first, my bad i didn’t read the whole thing so i missed where you posted thos two combos.

Second, ROM is very important to a Magneto player, but most of us Blackheart players are not very adept with magneto. That is why i said the blackheart players should first focus , on a hypergrab xx tempest magneto. It’s very effective and usable, while rom requires you to spend weeks getting it down to a competitive level and even then, the way magneto is being played now days it might not be enough.

Besides, the magneto in this team is a suplementary magneto, meaning that magneto’s job is to deal quick damage then DHC to blackheart so he could maintain the lead. Cause if your thing is simply ruchdown, and killing your opponent as quickly as possible then why play BH, just play Mags./storm/sentinel.

I’m going to have to interject here:

As far as this team is concerned I’d much rather focus on Grav/Tempest unmashable setups rather than learning ROM…especially if the player isn’t adept at consistently executing the ROM infinite. Since that is the case you’re better off learning the various resets into the 5-Fierce combo (it does more consistent damage than doing ROM and fucking it up on a regular, plus it puts the opponent in a guessing game that they’ll probably guess wrong at!!).

Grav/Tempest also has it’s weaknesses that I’m sure everyone here is already aware ov (being mash-escapable) so you’re going to have to have other tricks up your sleeve in case you’re primary focus when playing Magnus is foiled and ends up failing you in the end.

…what the hell…when did this turn into a Magnus discussion!?

It still is very important to know how to ROM. Even if it’s one or two reps. Plus, unless you intend on dhc’ng right after the hg hits in the hg xx mt, most players today will mash out even in the corner.

IMO, primarily you want to wreck as much shit with Mags as you can and kill one character somehow, then guardbreaking into the two DHC’s for the win. If that doesn’t happen, then by that time you have enough meter to kill them and play defense. I think if you’re not going to utilize Magnus in a secondary position, then you probably be better off not starting him at all. As was said there are other ways to start this team.

But I understand what you guys are saying. I think we can agree to disagree though as well.

But that’s all I’ll say about this.


With Blackheart, you can do airthrow + mags at normal jump height. I am going to do more testing later since I have a hypothesis that maybe you can do more off of this.

Also, you can time hp demons + sent-a and sj. hk for an infinite setup. I usually call Sent a little bit after I tap the fp.

I am still working on more things and tricks for this team. I’m thinking about making a tutorial or something if I can get the right help with it. I’ll probably main this team for a good bit too since it seems to fit me a lot lol.