Madwaks Crack Shack 03/05/11 - Milwaukee WI

Alright Im gonna go ahead and announce the “Madwaks Crack Shack” tournament series.

**March 5th, 2010 ( this saturday)
Venue fee: FREE. **

Im gonna try to keep the garage door open so from there you just walk in, make a right, head downstairs, and your there.

MVC3: $10 entry, Xbox 360. 2/3 games. standard rules.
AH3: $5 entry, Playstation 3. 2/3 games. Standard rules. Winner May switch Arcana
SSF4: $10 entry, Xbox 360, 2/3 games, Standard rules. **

Ill keep it cheap because I know how we all like to save some bread. Ill definitely up any tournament to $10 if anyone is up for it though.

The schedule is up for changing to maximize attendance but for now Ill start it off at 3 pm. Start ssf4 first, then arcana, then marvel.

I have 1 setup for each game so maybe at least two more setups would be good.

There is also a super hype MVC3 money match/grudge match between the current chicago mvc3 king, Frankie G, and an O.G’s of the FG scene, Syxx. This mm was talked about months before mvc3s release date and both players are now super hungry to get it in this weekend. come by at least to watch this. This WILL be recorded for those asking, by the way. I would do a stream or something here but my internet is ass.

**Also, anyone attending, please pay attention to this thread as the tournament entry fees might change due to the amount of people attending. I’d feel bad having the tournaments be $5 with a lot of out-of-city/state interest. **

And yes, this is a very short notice, but there will be a good amount of people here, so this would be a bummer to miss for sure.

MVC3 should be $10 imo, thanks for tryna hype up an event pre-FR Devin!

Can’t wait!

good that its starting at 3 cuz i had a card show to attend that morning and wasnt sure if i could make it. IMO u mine as well make everything 10 if all these ppl are going to show so it makes it worth it.

alright no problem. since people are coming just for ssf4 and people are coming just for mvc3 im gonna change both to $10. I didnt post it on homingcancel and I dont think anyones travelling to this for arcana so im gonna keep arcana at 5. but Im definitely down for changing it to 10 if Chicago AH players want to come to this and play us. its all good tho.

and BTW just lettin ppl know that I am paying for all the tourneys I enter. just to show that im not too shady or anything lol.

Do i have to bring my own crack or will the crack be provided?

this is a BYOC event.

I might show up to play MvC3 – although I’m probably bad atm. I’ve only played against a real person twice so far.

break your own controller? XD

hey is there any chance u can start ssf4 earlier say 1 or 2pm? i gotta be home by 5:30 the latest and would really like to come. if u cant then ill come next time.

ssf4 should take like 2 seconds anyway, who cares about sf4

I would start earlier but I don’t know how many ppl will show up early that want to play ssf4. Ill make sure to start it at 3 on the dot though and brackets will run fast since im not doing any tournaments simultaneously.

People can start arriving around noon. just head to the front door and ring, or call, or knock on the garage door or something lol

One last bump 4 today

dont forget to BRING SETUPS PEOPLE

ill be coming with 2 players from Green Bays and my girl

I’ll be leaving around 1pm for Madwaks so i can get there around 3pm

See everybody in a few hours. Gotta make a stop at Church’s first tho lol.

I would head out there if i had my license… 11 more days x_x