MADLABS Sketchbook

Kula Diamond

I’ve just submitted this on the official KOF XII website for the Fanart contest. It is now in the running, check it out on the
KOF XII Website.


Damn, that’s pro.

Very talented, MadLabs.


not a fan of the deformed style myself but you dont get artwork any better than that.

Batman Sketches I

Batman Sketches II

One in the same for sure dude. Very awesome stuff and glad to have you on the SRK image boards. I dig your style and the superdeformed KOF stuff makes me smile, hahaha. I would love to see those two in KOF12

Very Shinkiro-esque! I’m really impressed with your stuff!

Thanks again for resubmitting those awesome batman designs!

very nice. I love it

geez, those shinkiro minis look better than shinkiro’s own work.

Love those Shinikiro-style chibis for Kula and Vanessa. :lovin:

Joker, Two-Face and Catwoman look stunning in those Batman sketches.

Post more! :woot:

Love your work MADLAB; keep it up!

Urien (8-bit Mode)

I started on this last night and just finished it today.

Self Portrait

i dont like the deformed stuff out there, but i think the challenge there was that he chibi’d shinkiro’s style … which isnt easy.

i didnt realize you dont just have skill but are very creative in presenation

Going for different styles is key. Always stay outside of the box as much as possible. That’s what I’ve been told a number of times. And overall, it works.

You are sick man. And I’ve been drawing my whole life. Can’t wait to see more.

Apparently, I need to check back in the Fan Art Gallery more often, because y’all have some skill in here. This is very crisp and very well done work. I am loving the sketches the most, but everything else is so clean and nice that it deserves to be lauded as well.

Good job.

loving the batman stuff. please do more

i dont see how that would be difficult (for him)

if he can do chibi and he can do shinkiro style,why not shinkiro chibi?

8-Bit Oro



Is there a tutorial for that 8-Bit technique?

I would look AMAZING…in 8-Bit [or so I am assuming, as I always do].

Also, love the Guile picture and not just because I like to play as Guile.