Madison WI, Fighting Game Community

** Welcome to the Madison Fighting Game Community SRK Thread!
If you live in or around the Madison area and want to play games, we have weekly gatherings every Friday after 5:30pm! We average about 10-12 players every week but have gotten more on occasion. We mainly play UMVC3, SSBM, SSF4, and P4A but also play other games.

If you would like to join us or have any questions please post here, contact me via direct message on SRK, or on twitter @Kerahime

This thread will be updated soon with more info about our players and future tournaments

We mainly eat pizza.

Make sure not to tell them about Kenneth for the sake of the scene.

Not sure what to think about this

Except the pizza

Welp, don’t know if anyone is using this but games tonight normal time, anytime after 5:00.

Is there really a need for a separate thread for Madison?

We probably have a scene large enough if people actually used the site, but nobody from here really uses SRK anymore. It makes sense considering there’s barely any crossover between scenes honestly, but don’t know how many people will still use the site.

Yes, almost no one in Madison uses the Wisconsin thread because it’s actually been the Milwaukee thread for awhile. It’s difficult for new players in Madison that post to find out about us because every time someone posts we have to direct message them all the info about our scene because all the info in the thread is about Milwaukee this way people know who to contact. There’s also the general stupidity and harassment from certain people that occurs frequently that has caused the posting rate from everyone including other people in Milwaukee to drop, the thread used to be much more active before they started posting. In addition to recent stupidity, Sanchaz used to try to talk in the Milwaukee thread and got insulted and harassed repeatedly by people from Milwaukee so he stopped bothering to come here frequently because not only did people harasses him in the general thread but also sent him insulting direct messages and we don’t want to deal with that just to talk about fighting games.

I understand your point but, really no need to say general stupidity. This is why people attack you Alex. Your posts often come off as condescending and insulting to others. I have no problems with you but, don’t just sit here and act like you did nothing to add fuel to the fire. You definitely were part of the recent problem.

That’s fine, If you want to talk about that in person I don’t mind but I don’t intend to say anything else about it online.

Also games at 5:30 tonight as always

Yeah I don’t see this being much except a bump on Fridays, but maybe that could be slightly useful?

I’m sure you realize you had fault for starting that silliness too. Were any of the reactions necessary? Of course not, but sometimes stuff happens. If anyone is going out of their way to actually harass people they should be called the fuck out though. You’re never going to get everyone in a large group to get along perfectly with each other but that’s not okay.

Well, there’s not much traffic in the Milwaukee thread either. Or really just on SRK midwest boards in general. I don’t think there will be much traffic here either, but it should at least serve as a place to have easy to find information about gatherings/players for any possible new players in the area whenever that gets added to the first post

My point is all info on gatherings etc could’ve been consolidated into one thread. I’d have gladly added Madison gatherings,tourneys and player info to the first post. It does suck that not everybody can get along. That’s the reality of the world tho.

Yeah, we could have probably just updated the first post with more information about the Madison scene. I don’t think there’s really much of a reason for hostility between the scenes outside of a few people not getting along, but like you said that’s inevitable.

Honestly I’m indifferent to whether we have a separate thread or not, we definitely don’t have enough SRK users in our scene to generate more traffic than just sporadic posts, unless people here decide to start using SRK, which I don’t see happening. I don’t post here often because I don’t really know the few of the regular posters left from the Milwaukee scene, and don’t really have much to say really since conversations in the thread are either talking about gatherings I can’t make it to because of work, not living in the area, and not actually owning a vehicle or just people talking shit.

I’d personally like to see more crossover between the scenes, but we don’t even play the same games for the most part. We play mostly Marvel, and then shitty anime button mashers and a good bit of our scene just plays Smash. But yeah, most of our players would just rather go to Chicago to play Marvel since that’s where the competition is in the area. That’s basically it.

Having a separate thread won’t solve this, but I’d say just let it rock and see what happens. If this thread just becomes inactive and dies, welp we weren’t using the WI thread anyways so it doesn’t really matter.

i agree with matt. now i gotta check two threads to c if a tourney is happening. honestly we need more tourneys in WI. 2 in the last 5 months isnt very much. i would try host but i dont think ppl would make it out to lake geneva area. lets go WI fgc?

There is another AE tourney tonight at Juto in Milwaukee tonight at 8.

I guess I can keep the fb thread updated?

im selling a 360 stick for cheap. its the one in this link but its beat up on the bottom. if anyone is interested let me know. thebuttons are green,yellow,red and blue unliek this one in the pic.

Sure go for it.

Also, games tonight anytime starting 5:30 guys