Made for PS3 fight stick compatible with other systems?

If a “made for PS3” fight stick is USB-based, can I use it on 360/wii u?

Of course. If you push hard enough it even works on Sega Saturn and Dreamcast.

I’m sorry, I’m reeeeally a noob. Is that sarcasm?

No it won’t work on other consoles, unless the it states that it is compatible with the other consoles. If you really want to use it on Xbox, wii u, and etc. you can dual mod it.

No. Even though they use USB ports, the internal circuit boards and software are not designed for use on any other system.

So if a stick only says it’s made for PS3, then it’ll only work on ps3, unless you want to mod your stick to work on other systems. Occasionally, these types of sticks MIGHT work on a PC, especially if you download certain 3rd party programs, but they’re never guaranteed to work.