Madden 2010

Hey EVERYONE in the Dallas Area. Want a chance to win $1,000?! There will be a tournament at Entertainmart August 15, 2009 this year, and the game is ofcorse, Madden 2010. It will be one day after the game is released. So there wont be alot of people who have an unfair advantage.

It is ten Bucks to get in, but with those ten bucks, you give your self the chance to win $1,000 CASH! There isnt just a Grand prize, depending on how many people we get signed up, there will be more prizes for the people who come in second, third etc etc. So tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends… And for more info about this, let me know. Ill get back to you ASAP…

Good Luck!

My Email address is
Please put Madden 2010 as the subject for more info.
And I do understand that this might not have been the best spot to post this, but I would like to invite everyone, and didnt really find the right topic, so I just thought since its a tournament, why not! :slight_smile:

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** TEXAS SHOWDOWN 14!!! Return of Jesus!!!** - Houston, TX - 3/14/14

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Just thought i would let you know about the format to post so you won’t be like WTF where did it go ^^ Good luck on the tourney wish i lived close to dallas so i could attend.