Madcatz xbox360 gamepad

ive hacked this pad to work with my sfac arcade stick… but…ive removed one of the triggers and now its activated. Now my HK (right bumper) wont activate cuz the left trigger is pressed. How do I remove the button or just making it to stop working?

what do you mean with removing the trigger? did you just rip of the plastik shit or did you desolder the potentiometer on the pcb.
in the first case: glue the potis arm in the position it has when the trigger is not pulled.
second case, poti desoldered: you must solder a resistor in, so the pad “thinks” the potis still there.
this for the case that the madcatz pad is similiar to the firs party.

hey can jou uploade a picture of the pcb? is it easier to hack then the first party?

ok ive removed the plastic thing then i broke the 3 soldering metals… then it started to activate…then i got crazy cuz i thought ive broke it. I started scratching the roads (dont know how to say that in engilsh) anyways youll see, my pcp looks like shit ill upload it later…

where exactly do i solder the resisitor?

ohh and i removed two resistors too they where each in the side of the trigger :S

I got crazy man started to destroy the thing

Tutorial to where you learned to hack it?

its similar to the original xbox 360 gamepad the buttons that werent identical (soldering) I just search for them with the multimeter … just tell me how to post a pic in here and I can show u (Im not very familiar with forums)

the b and the y buttons are sharing the same ground

can u tell me where do I put the resistor?

there is a link in the padhacking thread (for the first party pad).
but erm, i dunno, the place where the trigger poti was soldered…it looks…not good.

why did you scratch there?

well I got desperate I thought scratching the bus would stop the activation, anyways I soldered the resistor and it worked thanx!