Madcatz xbox 360 tes stick

Hi All,
My brother recently bought a Madcatz TE-S arcade stick for xbox360 but the Xbox does not recognize it, tried it on PC as well no luck there either. Could this be as simple as the USB cord? or should we look farther.

Thanks in advance

does it light up when u plug it in?

Nothing happens no light up nothing.

u might have a bad board… when did u buy it? and where did u buy it? if its within the year… contact mad catz…

About six or just under (months i.e.)

contact madcatz is ur best bet…

Thanx will do.

Call them, don’t email. It gets a better response.

I would suspect the USB cord first. One good break in the Red voltage or Black ground line and the whole stick is dead.

I feel that all xbox controllers have shitty USB cords.

Would any USB Cord work as a replacement,say For e.g if I used one from my printer? Or are these cords special ?

Sorry about the double post

Technically yes, since you’re just gonna strip one end of it anyway. But why waste a usb cord already in use by your printer when you could just go on and get a usb cord for like $2.

HaHa $2??? not here in the caribbean. However though I wasn’t going to strip down was just asking for my info.

I have a video on this.

But really, any USB cable with an A-type Male ending will work just fine.

maybe the windows drivers?
edit: uh the xbox doesn’t recognize it… USB cord :frowning:

Thanks for the video Nerrage.