Madcatz xbox 360 fightstick pro (SF X tekken) on PC--driver question (fightstick Neo?)

Does anyone know why this stick is seen as a “madcatz fightstick neo” on the PC?
Even when you install the Xbox 360 windows drivers, it’s still seen as a Fightstick Neo. The only problem with this is that this causes the device to be seen as a 10 button game controller with a POV hat only in devices and printers, even though xinput itself can see everything. The analog axes are not shown at all, which should be shown on a true xbox 360 controller. That means that the “Left stick” and “Right stick” switches do nothing. There is USB input to them in analog mode when you move the slider and move the stick (you can see them in x360ce emulator clearly), and they show up as axis, but without them being in the “Madcatz fightstick neo” driver, games won’t use them except if its set to dpad (hat switch).

The problem is that many older games refuse to accept input from a POV hat, making the stick unusable.
Most windows games that don’t use xinput directly refuse to see the “LS” Axis since it isn’t shown in the driver.

You can use Joy2key to map the POV hat to a key and bind keys to the game, for games that don’t accept POV hat input (e.g. Silent Hill, Callus, etc), but still, is there any way to force windows to see the stick as a true Xbox 360 controller? While this may sound like #firstworldproblems it’s still annoying.

To compare, the Qanba Q4raf, in xbox 360 mode, DOES show both the hat switch and joystick axis in the driver (which reads xbox 360 controller for windows, in devices&printers). RT/LT as reported as analog triggers, and pressing the Mode button switches from POV hat to joystick axis. The Qanba shows everything the real Xbox 360 pad does (I have one also). But madcatz seems to use some proprietary hardware driver for PC for some reason?

Note: Street fighter 5 uses Xinput only, so on the madcatz, it sees the left analog (LS) stick even though the windows driver doesn’t show it (just like x360ce shows).

So any wizardry I can do to get the madcatz to show up as a true xbox 360 controller so I regain use of the “LS” switch? or am I just being a spoiled kid here?