Madcatz why dont you release a super street fighter 4 se stick?

im thinking it would sell crazy fast. seriously all you would have to do is make the case black , new artwork possibly make the wiring a little cleaner. get on it markman

And while you are at it, put the improved parts that you used in the TvC stick.

and sell te brims seperate in all colors


TEs are going for $20 more than SEs used to. Does it make financial sense to sell a new SE?

Tough call but I do know a number of people who enjoy the small form factor of the SE. Wired PS3 fight pad would be nice too while we’re here.

I <3 my modded SEs, but with the price of the TEs right now I don’t see any reason why MadCatz would want to bring out another SE. I remember when I bought my first SE for PS3 when there were no Arcade Sticks to be found on retail shelves. I shelled out $89.99 to some shmuck on Ebay. I look back and think “If I’d have just held out a LITTLE longer” lol. But I’ve come to adore my full Sanwa SE sticks to the point where I prefer them over a TE. That mostly comes from the fact that it’s mine and I play on it regularly.

The SEs also seem to be fairly derided (here and other places) for breaking down quickly. So if you can’t properly fix the problems at the price you want to sell for, why bother making a new model?