Madcatz te2 Xbox One magenta upgrade

I’m new to fight sticks & just purchased a Madcatz Te2 standard edition for Xbox One. I’ve done some standard updates replacing the joystick, buttons, artwork etc. I’m looking at buying the analog magenta joystick found here:

However, there is a disclaimer that reads:

please note: Magenta is not compatible with MadCatz Xbox One TE2 arcade sticks or any arcade stick that does not have a common ground! A common ground PCB is a requirement for Magenta to work properly.

So the question is: can I replace the pc board with one that is common ground to move forward with the upgrade?
Is there a list that tells me which pcb boards are common ground for this fightstick? I’m not looking for anything fancy I just need it to be compatible with the Magenta joystick.
Any help is appreciated!

  1. Yes you can replace with a common-ground PCB and you can get your Magenta working.

  2. It’s pretty safe to say that any custom PCB that you can buy standalone to put into there as a replacement will be common ground. It’ll also depend on what platform you plan to use the stick on.
    That being said, I don’t think any of them are simple drop-in replacements to the stock PCB, unless you also buy an EZ MOD kit like this one (which also comes with a UFB; you might have to do your research to see if you can buy the EZ MOD kit on its own):

Thank you for the response! This is a good place to start so I’ll do some more research before I ask any further questions

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I went with your suggestion and got this up and running! I will note that there was another option.
You can use the lvt3 LED board instead of the brook ufb to plug the magenta in. Thanks for the help!

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So, I did a double take when I read this but went back and confirmed that @SSGSSBushido is in fact correct and that the XB1 LVT3 does in fact convert both the buttons and joystick inputs to common ground. The LVT3 outputs connecting to the XBOX have the proprietary signaling.

Nice find! Did you figure this one out on your own?