Madcatz TE2 v Razer Atrox, is there a plexi problem with the Madcatz, is the Atrox too big/plastic?

I’m in the market to buy a fight stick(i have given up on making my own, i would cost me a lot in not only the materials but also the tools needed), but have seen a lot of comments regarding the strange ‘rainbow’ colouring between the plexi and the image underneath of the TE2

is this a problem with all of the sticks or just a few?

I’ve also seen a few people mention the cheapness of the Atrox, and the plastic starts to warp/bend after a while

i’ve watched and read so many reviews on these sticks and am completely stumped as to whether they are worth it or not and would like some advice

i live in the UK, so modding and buying custom builds is not really an option as there are very few people building custom sticks that are at a reasonable price for someone who is a non competitive gamer

i have to read through 70+ pages to see if my question(s) has been answered?

hard gig that

no but you should ask your question there. not worth starting a new thread

as i mentioned, it seems like a tough gig here, i was asking specific questions about specific sticks, not just generic questions

Between the TE2 and the Atrox, the general recommendation I believe would be to get the TE2 and a replacement plexi from

Well, there have been loads of newbies coming here and making a whole bunch of threads for very minute things.

Use the search function or ask in the appropriate thread instead of making a new one.