Madcatz TE2+ press right on stick does not work

I have two TE2+ that I bought used (store returns). I just got around to testing them and both seem to have several issues when using with windows 10 (using xinput drivers). On one of the units all of the buttons work as expected however the stick will only register left, left up, left down. I swapped the stick from the second unit and got the same results. I also tried reseating all the cables. I assume there is an issue with the board in this unit. I have seen some posts where people removed the diodes but thats mostly in response to a stick stuck in a certain direction. Does anyone sell the stock boards refurbished or repair them? I have read that I can buy a brook board but I don’t really want to spend $100+ on this project.

Sorry, but no.

And what you are talking $100

This brook board is $39.99

For another 10 bucks you can include the incerface board for it

Thanks. I was looking at the brook universal board and not this one. Thats more in the budget.

I have a stock TE2+ PCB if you’re interested. I upgraded to a Brook UFB with EZMOD. PM me if you’re interested. I didn’t have any issues with it btw.

He’s referring to the EZ Mod for Mad Catz TE2 w/ Brook Universal Fighting Board Kit (w/ soldered headers). Not everyone has soldering experience.

I ended up buying the one with the screw terminals. I was going to buy thr jasens ez mod & brook universal but i couldnt find the jasens for the te2+ (plus) in stock.

pm sent

Got the board today from paradise arcade. It doesn’t look like there will be enough ground pins to hook up the 8 buttons plus all of the other stuff. There is a pin header on the board that might be used but the button harness does not plug in to it. Im wondering if I ordered the correct item?

The TE2 button harness is not compatible with the 20pin header on the breakout board because the 20pin header is used to get all inputs and GND, not just button signals. If you want to use the 20pin header you need to get a harness from arcade shock. Otherwise cut all the wires off the TE2’s button harness as well as the 5pin joystick harness, strip each wire and screw them down in the appropriate terminals. For GND you need to either splice all your GND wires into one so it all goes into one GND terminal or make a new GND daisy chain. Don’t forget to connect the 4 or 5 USB lines from the TE2’s USB connector to the Brook board as well.

Thanks. I guess i am going to go ahead and cut the harness and wire it in since I’m impatient :slight_smile:

regarding the USB the paradise board screw terminals don’t seem to duplicate the D+ / D- VCD GND that the brook has. I cut a usb cord and soldered it to the existing usb connector. The stick works although I still need to wire up many of the other buttons.