MadCatz TE2 possible problems

Hi guys, I just bought a new TE 2 stick and had some problems with it. Yesterday when I plugged in the stick first time it worked fine from what i remember. Then I left home for like 5 hours (I didn’t turn neither stick or ps3 off) and when I came back I decided to practice more with the fight stick. And then I started noticing problems like a few missed inputs, or worst of all - I would get continuous inputs either down or to the sides although I would release the stick by that time; also from time to time it would become totally unresponsive to any kind of inputs, even home or start buttons. So I decided that I got broken stick and decided to return it.
But today I turned on PS3 to check the stick again - and it works perfectly, no missing inputs, no nothing!

So I figured may be it had something to do with the fact that i left it turned on for that long time? It was quite worm on touch when I used it yesterday… I don’t have any experience with the sticks, this is my first one, so I can’t tell for sure. Did you guys have any problems like that, is it typical or not? In other words - should I have I exchange it for the new one or not?

  1. WTF is a TE2?
  2. You returned a perfectly good stick. Had you moved the slider to ‘DP’ it would have gone back to working perfectly.

haha I dont think he returned it…
on the upper left is your turbo panel… there are two switches you gotta pay attention too if wierd things happen first…
the lock switch if turned on will kill the start and select buttons… make sure its unlocked
the other switch is for your stick… make sure its set on DP because if its on LS the stick will occationally lag and if its on RS your stick will not function at all. “Left stick” “Right stick” “Directional pad”… make sure its on DP. if you have other problems then we can work it out but usually it doesnt go that far…

@Toodles by TE2 I mean Tournament Edition Round 2. And I haven’t returned it yet… that’s y I created the post in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:
@Kuya_Joe yeah at first I “played” with this DP-SP… I did suspect a lil later that problems can be coming from the SP mode so I turned it back to DP… and still had problems. May be yesterday it didn’t jump in the right position right away?.. Right now it works just fine. So it has nothing to do with the “left for 5 hours turned on” and nothing to do with heat, is that right?

I’ve been to gatherings where they play till 6am with TE’s no issues like that… hell I’ve left mine on all day on accident but I wont say thats not a possibility… as long as its good to go as of now I dont think you will have any issues… if you do tho just ask and there might be things we can do moving forward but like I said… I doubt it…

Okay thank you very much! I’ll be testing the stick today and I’ll leave it on again for the sake of experiment and see how it goes.

Okay after 2 days of testing here’s what I’ve got: with DP mode the stick generally works well. BUT.

  1. There was one time when the stick stopped responding to any inputs - the home button lock was in “unlocked” position, but neither home or start buttons responded. The only way to fix this was to re-plug the stick into my PS3.
  2. Every time if I’m walking from left to right and accidentally hit both Light kick and Medium Kick (X and O simultaneously) the character will continue moving forward and will be unresponsive to any inputs. If I press X and O together again - stick goes back to normal.

Well what do you think guys? Can I fix it, or should I return the stick and get a new one?
Thanks for reading :stuck_out_tongue:

I wold wait to hear Toodles imput, but if you are having errors like that on a stock unmodded stick and DP and Unlock are set properly, it sounds to me like the pcb is malfunctioning. If it was my stick and still under warenty I’d return it.

Okay thank you… I’ll see who thinks the same. But the situation is annoying, my trust in MadCatz products is plummeting down (I had a pad from them before, and it died on me like in 3 months)

MadCatz TE sticks usually are quality made products and don’t get the bad feedback their pads usually get. But even the best products will have a bad apple come off the assembly line every once in a while.