Madcatz TE2 for the Xbox One Releasing April, 2014

This should be a cheaper option for Xbone players as no Leds or licensing.

This is more than just no licensing. Mark’s supposed to email me stuff detailing what they changed with this.

Still no point until they release an SF game for the one.

Since it’s not a licensed game stick, shouldn’t the buttons be in a different layout?

Is Madcatz making a statement in not supporting Sony at the moment? Doesn’t make sense to me.

We do support Sony consoles, however we have nothing new to announce for PS4 (at this time). :wink:

I’m fairly sure PS4 sticks will follow when there is a market for them.

This looks great btw. Still non-aligned layout but only I seem to care about that.

So you guys are just waiting for a good PS4 game tie-in?

Is there even anything you could play with a stick on ps4 at the moment?

You could play Black Flag, unless you want to move around for some reason.

I’m sure there are some PSN titles that you can use a stick for.

Edit- The button layout on that stick in the picture looks weird. It looks like the buttons are in an almost straight line. Is this just an optical illusion?

Injustice is on the PS4 Now

I understood a new Guilty Gear is suppose to be coming out for the PS4
There rumors about a new Bloody Roar

There some new IP that looks promising, Legend of Raven

Yes, have a closer look.

According the article on the SRK front page, this is $199. Isn’t that the same price as the KI stick without LEDs?


Oh dear, that’s disappointing. I guess on the plus side you don’t get that horrible KI artwork.

I wonder if it’s still using the same non-common ground motherboard…

Why is the price still the same? It doesn’t have an LED board and the buttons aren’t the more expensive clear buttons either…

Yeah. So…
[no LED board regular] + [Dark Hai OBSF-30s instead of clears] = “value” of not having the KI artwork?
[Let’s say a $10-15 for the LEDs and board] + [$4.75-$2.75=$2 (FocusAttack prices) x 8 buttons] = ~$30 = price of NOT wanting the KI artwork?..

Waaaait a second. Them buttons is all the same colors! Has MS wised up?!

We aren’t required to use the colored buttons for this one.

Also, yes this is the same price as the KI TE2. With the KI TE2 we went all out and ate the extra profit margin by including the LED board/clear buttons. We don’t make much money off of sticks that are tied to game licenses.

Also, that’s not to say that this is still not a great value. We stand by this product and will continue to push it (and it’s accessories) moving forward.

When are you guys gonna finally stock amazon stock amazon , so i finally have a reason to order a x1 and a stick