Madcatz TE Round 1 broke

Recently my TE died out on me. I plugged it into my ps3, the turbo lights flashed and now the joystick doesn’t work, only the buttons respond. I’m not totally sure what’s broken, like the PCB or something. I was wondering if anyone had any input on the matter. Thanks in advance!

Open it up, and check the connection between the stick and the PCB. The wiring to the stick just might be loose, that or if you messed with it recently, you might have just put the connection upside down.

Check to make sure the stick is set to “dp”

Thanks for the input everyone.
I just opened it up, unattached and reattached the wiring from the PCB to the stick, flipped the switch from ls to dp a couple times and then it started working again. Not totally sure what happened but I’ll take it, lol. Thanks again.