Madcatz TE Issue & Possible Upgrade

Hey, guys.

I’ve had a TE stick for a while now and have always noticed that I get directional inputs that I didn’t intend to get whilst in training mode. The best example I can give is that when I do a QCF motion from the right hand side of the screen, I get this: down, down-forward, forward, back +punch. It didn’t take long for me to realise that it’s because when I let go of the stick after the QCF motion, I’m letting the stick ‘spring’ back to neutral by itself and it seems to have enough momentum to create the back input first before it goes to neutral. I immediately put this down to my poor execution and realised that I must just have to hold the stick in the forward position for a second whilst I hit the punch button… But, I used a friends SE stick yesterday and did not have the same execution problem; the stick didn’t give me any unwanted inputs and always returned to neutral. Is the SE stick a little tighter than the TE and if so, are there any changes I can make to me TE to make it more like that?

I may not have explained that very well, so let me know if you need any more clarification. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Also, I quite like the idea of getting a bat-top for my TE stick. How hard is the installation to do yourself and which parts would I need to do it?

Thanks, guys.

There are ways to make the stick tighter by adding a spring. I haven’t done it personally but a friend did it and said it wasn’t too hard. The battop is fairly easy. You just need the actual battop and a converter piece. The converteris like 79¢.

It does sound like your spring is getting loose - you can, as Heavyweight said, buy a new spring, or a harder spring. Putting the Battop on will make it heavier, but might make the feel of the stick a lot different.

It does come down to preference tho, and for the price of springs, just buy 4 or 5 different ones and experiment!

Also, try guiding the stick back in to neutral - you don’t want to let go of the stick while you’re doing moves anyway, so this should help.

Hey Phrgian, I used to have this problem too about a year ago. I started back dashing after a FADC even though I intend to front dash because of the extra back input and I realized that the stick springs into a back position after my input. At first I tried different ways of holding the stick and tried to tighten the spring of the stick and many other “solutions”. Eventually I realize it is just my execution. Essentially when I’m in the heat of the game, I started using more and more force on the stick and buttons, and I moved the stick with such force that it created that bounce in the opposite direction. Now I’m more experienced and relaxed with the game, the problem just went away by itself. The key is getting comfortable and not bang on the stick/buttons and you should be fine. Relax the grip :slight_smile: