MadCatz Street Fighter V Fightstick Alpha Malfunction need help please

i just bought a used fightstick from amazon and it looks in great shape. Looks brand new. Except when i plug it in my ps4 it wont turn on. only two red lights flash when i plug it in and it wont stay on. Can anyone help me with this problem? or should i just return it??

Stupid question, did you set the stick into PS4 mode? If so then check if it works on PS3 and PC. If neither works or functions oddly, request an RMA.

Also once the stick set to PS4 mode plugged in the PS4 console you still need to hit the PS/home button.

not really a stupid question kus its for ps3/ps4. i am going to test it on the ps3, see if that works.

i did that but nothing happens. it just stays off. i even held the ps button and nothing -__-

I’ve got nothing then, I think you should wait for someone smarter to help you out here. If it’s not working on PS3 and PS4, and then it doesn’t work on PC… My first instinct is to get an RMA and either replace it or return it for a better stick.

yeah thats what I’m going to end up doing if I can’t find someone who can really help. Thanks anyway.

Did you make sure the stick is set to the right console?
There a switch on there to set the stick on PS3 or PS4 mode.

yeah i did.

And it does not work on your PC or Mac? (ether mode)

If not then we done everything we could do for you.
I don’t know what else to tell you without taking apart the controller myself and poke inside (which would void the warranty).
I think you should get an RMA

My Hori stick does this too - sometimes pressing the PS button doesnt work either, but eventually it works.

I will keep trying

I’m willing to bet the PCB on the controller is busted. How much did you pay for it? If you paid the right price, might be worth modding with a better PCB. Otherwise I’d return it.

I bought it for $40
What is a pcb? Lol

PCB means “printed circuit board.” It’s the brains of the stick. Doing a swap with another board might be worth while if you can get another board cheap enough.

Did you try it on your computer?

Yeah I tried on my laptop but it won’t read it either. Ima have my friend look at it. Maybe he can make it work.