Madcatz, Street Fighter IV Round 2 Arcade Flight Stick Tournament Edition?

does anybody know the difference between the first Tournament Edition and this one?

its 10 euro’s more expensive. is it just the color or is it better somehow? extra features? anything?,-street-fighter-iv-round-2-arcade-flight-stick-tournament-edition-xbox-360/47680/

Different Art.
Black Sides.

lol “Flight” stick

lol didnt notice that typo :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway thanks for the info guys :slight_smile:

the 1st TE looks better in my opinion

and yea lol @ flight stick

I don’t know why Mad Catz still left the bezel red for this one. Doesn’t look too good on black.

it’s “time attack” style. they do it on car wheels. why not joysticks?

Wow it actual does say “Flight Stick” on the website.

Yeah they just want more dough.


It would been even better if it was a “Flite” stick :rock:

i was also wondering can it be used to play with on pc

I have an old PS3 TE stick and it works fine with my intel PC. If you are using a different chipset, you need to get a VIA USB to get it to work on your desktop. If you want to play on a non intel laptop, youre out of luck.

Also, I’ve been told that 360 versions of the old sticks work on PCs right out the box.


I guess you can call it Volk TE-37’s!! lulz

It’s possible these had better quality control than the first batches. So that’s a plus. maybe.

Red makes the stick 3 times faster.:rofl:

Yea, I just saw these too In amazon. I kinda want to get one. Someone on here needs to put up a review.

I purchased one along with the MvC TE and I can’t see a difference in builds. They both operate in perfect condition. Feel free to get your hands on one. Hope this helps.

I read its the same components just with new art.

Ordered around noon today. Amazon said it’ll arrive Christmas eve. No more Hori ex2. Now I can Kara. woot.