Madcatz SFxTekken VS stick PS3 ---- SOLD

I’m selling my PS3 madcatz VS stick. I changed the artwork and plexiglass with one from (arthobbies). Several members had issues with their VS stick rusting, so I nickel plated and painted the panels to prevent corrosion. It’s in great condition with no issues. I’m asking $150 plus S/H. I’m in SoCal, LAX area if you would like to pick up locally.

UPDATE: Price drop. I need this gone $130 plus S/H

I can’t tell from the pictures, but how is it on scratches? It looks like you have a few nicks on the front face.

It does have some small scratches, nothing major. One of the “scratches” from the last picture was just a bit of dirt that I rubbed off. Here are some more pictures, hopefully these are better.

UPDATE: Price drop I need this gone. $130 plus S/H.
Item has been sold.